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  1. I booked this cruise... going in May ...its a short 4 day cruise but affordable.
  2. Shari2 - I don't think I'd do a cruise without him ?
  3. wow - that cruise sounds amazing! - Bob Pantano always had Saturday night dances in South Jersey near where I grew up and lived before I moved to Florida 2 yrs ago... all those bands and disco music - anyone that goes is bound to have a wonderful time... unfortunately, my husband doesn't like disco music...
  4. really enjoyed your detailed report... I really like the Epic ... I agree the bathroom situation wasn't so bad - and actually worked out good - one person could shower and the bathroom was still available ? the pools were very small ... but the bars were plentiful.
  5. Jan really enjoyed your report... our first cruise, which was on Epic, was in April... I could relate to alot in your review and I really agreed about the size of the pools - really small for such a large ship!! ... but loved the ship so much - thats why we booked the next cruise on it..and waiting till November 2019 will seem so far away.
  6. you've all been on so many cruises! I understand why... ? Andi - you have a few cruises booked in a row - wow.. that is surely the way to do it ?
  7. Andi -- my next cruise is in November 2019 ... it is a 16 day TA from Barcelona to San Juan on Norwegian Epic.... we will fly from here (Florida) to Barcelona a few days early so we can explore Barcelona before the cruise... I really wish the last port was Port Canaveral so I could avoid a plane ride home - it limits what I can carry ?
  8. Hi everyone I did my very first cruise in April - had so much fun.... immediately got the cruise bug so already booked my next cruise... and wish it wasn't so far off.... am sure it will be fun on this board sharing cruise stories, tips, and such...
  9. Maybe there is a reason for the hat ... some people are self conscience of being bald - or maybe there was a surgery and remaining scar...
  10. I love the TA cruise - I have only been on one cruise and it was a TA ... I love the sea days - so relaxing compared to port days. I booked another cruise for fall 2019 and it is a TA also...
  11. thanks for the welcome - I am looking forward to joining in the cruise talk ?
  12. Welcome, NancyF!  See you around!

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