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  1. Like most of us ‘my 2020 cruise was cancelled because of the pandemic.’ Instead of getting upset about it; I decided to turn cruise booking number XQGV8D into a virtual cruise with all the fixings. So enjoy reading my travel blog. Click on this link for my video log, and bon voyage! On Monday 6th January 2020, we booked our 2020 cruise Sydney Reunion cruise with my Auntie, and Uncle. It was originally meant to be a ten night Queensland Round Trip cruise with the beautiful Majestic Princess departing from the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney on Wednesday 18th November 2020; but the Pandemic hit, and it changed everything. Although the cruise was cancelled; at 4am on Sunday 11th October 2020 I got an idea in my sleep to do up a ‘virtual cruise in the place of the actual one.’ A few hours later, I woke up to have a look online to see if it was possible for me to do, and the minute I saw it was; i immediately started planning it. During the whole COVID-19 Pandemic, I discovered the truth that ‘you don’t need a ship to go on a cruise’ so in 2020 I went on a ‘virtual cruising staycation!’ J.John said, “If something has happened and you can change it... CHANGE IT. If not, change the way you think about it.” Instead of being upset that the original cruise was cancelled; 😢 I decided to turn it into a ‘virtual one’ so let’s get started. The shore excursions finally became available through the Princess Cruises Website, and there was a lot we could all choose from. Although it was a family reunion cruise; we decided not to do everything together, and my Auntie and Uncle were quite happy to stay on boathe ship while we got off for the day. The shore excursions mum and I chose to do were: The Australian Zoo in Brisbane, Easy Airlie Beach in Airlie Beach (which is located in the Whitsundays), Bad Fishy Jet Boating in Yorkeys Knob (I did this one on my own because I’m younger and more fitter than what mum is), The Great Barrier Reef in Port Douglas; where we went snorkelling, and enjoyed a ride on the Glass Bottom Boat. This was followed by Scenic Cruising in Willis Island for one hour; before starting the return trip back to Sydney. Our departure day has arrived! Mum and I arrived in Sydney early on Wednesday 18th November 2020 to board the beautiful Majestic princess (virtual) at the overseas passenger terminal with my auntie and uncle for our ten night Queensland family cruise. The boarding went smoothly with no hassles and we were all on board together by 2:30pm. Although mum and I originally booked a Stateroom; we were up graded ‘at the last minute’ to a mini sweet. Thanks Princess Cruises. Shortly after finding our Staterooms, we all dropped our things off and went up to the International Food court for lunch before getting ready Master station drill, and the departure from circular Quay Sydney. Unlike previous cruises; The smorgasbord on board the Majestic Princess (virtual) was set out differently. On this cruise, we had to ‘pick the ingredients we wanted, go over to the bench, and then make our own food.’ It was interesting because I’ve never had to do that before on a cruise! The ships departure was at 4:30pm, and we sailed out through Sydney heads at 5:30pm found for Brisbane Australia. Unlike previous departure parties; this one was an absolute blast, and I loved every moment. We were all booked in for ‘anytime dinning’ in the Allegro Dinning Room, and there was two seating times to choose from. The first one was at 5pm (which was a bit too early for us), and the second one took place at 7:15pm; which was perfect a time for us and we decided to mainly attend that one for the entire cruise. After dinner, I enjoyed ‘Game Three of the 2020 State Of Origin’ under the movie under the stars. GO QUEENSLAND... Go the Maroons! 🏈 When the game finished, I to the ‘Sea Walkers night club’ for the after party, before returning to the cabin for the rest of the night. Day One (Sea Day): Thursday 19th November 2020 was out first Sea Day. We woke up at 8am for a morning of pampering at the ships Beauty Salon. I got my hair styled and my nails done for the first formal night; which took place that night in the ships Grand Atrium. After lunch in the International Food court I got a drink and went to the Princess Theatre for the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’ before enjoying my first Swim in the ships pool, and watching the Billy Joel Mini Concert on (Deck 18) the Sports Deck. When the show ended, I got ready for dinner in the Allegro Dinning Room. This was followed by the movie under the stars, and the rest of the evening onboard the beautiful Majestic Princess (virtual) cruise ship. Day Two (Brisbane, Australia): Brisbane was our first port for our ten night cruise. On Friday 20th November 2020, we woke up early as the ship was docking at Port Brisbane Wharf. This was the only port the ship docked at during our cruise because the rest required the use of ‘Tender Boats’ to help us to get to the remaining four destinations. When the ship finished docking, we left our cabin for a delicious breakfast in the ships International Food court; before meeting up with the rest of the family for our day at Australia Zoo. Unlike the rest of excursions; this is the only one we (my Uncle Lindsay, Auntie Sue, mum, and I) did together because we all decided to do separate things after that. All up, the shore excursion went for approximately ‘seven hours,’ and our tour group was the first to leave the Princess Theatre to board the bus bound for Australia zoo. It was a very big day, and we were so exhausted because of all the walking around we did. I wanted to enjoy every moment at the park so I didn’t take my travel blog diary with me. Despite this, I was able to take a lot of photos, and I found all the Park Ranger demonstrations very inspirational and entertaining. We got back to the Majestic Princess (Virtual) cruise ship at 4pm, and the ship departed for Airlie Beach shortly after that. When we got back to the cabin, I had a rest before getting ready for dinner in the Allegro Dinning Room. After dinner, I enjoyed the movie under the stars, and dancing the night away in the Sea Walkers night club, before returning to the cabin for the rest of the night. Day Three (Sea Day): Saturday 21st November 2020 was a sea day. Mum and I woke up to a room serviced breakfast before getting ready for the Princess Social Event which took place on the Sun Deck. This ended with a family catch up for lunch in the International Food court before going our separate ways for the rest of the day. I enjoyed the entertainment on the sports deck before watching the movie ‘The Other Guys’ in the Princess Theatre. Honestly, the movie was ‘ok’ but it’s not one I’d see again. When the movie finished, I left the Princess Theatre, and went to ‘Princess Live’ for the Trivia Challenge. It was all about ‘the history of Princess cruises,’ and I got 5 out 10 correct. How cool was that? When it finished, I returned to the Sports Deck for the afternoon movie ‘Mighty Joe Young; before getting ready for dinner with family in the Allegro Dinning Room. After dinner, we went our separate ways again. I returned to the Sports Deck for ‘Movies under the Stairs.’ The movie ‘Stepmom’ was played on the big screen and it was a beautiful night to be outside under the stars. When the movie ended, I danced the night away in the Sea Walkers Night Club before returning to the cabin for the rest of the night. Day Four (Airlie Beach, Australia): Airlie Beach was the second port for our ten night cruise, and it’s located in the beautiful Whitsundays. The Majestic Princess (Virtual) cruise ship was already anchored when we woke up on Sunday 22nd November 2020 to a room serviced breakfast. When we finished eating, we got ready for the onboard church service at the ‘Heart and Souls Chapel.’ It was a fantastic service, and I loved every moment of it. Mum and I then had lunch in ‘the International Food Court,’ before meeting our tour group in the Princess Theatre. Surprisingly, our tour group was one of the last groups to leave the Princess Theatre for the afternoon session. For the rest of the cruise, the ships ‘Tender (or life) boats’ were used for the first time to get us to the shore. Airlie Beach is a beautiful place. The water is so clear, and the sand is so white. Although I absolutely loved being there, we were only allowed off the ship for a few hours because all the passengers had to be back on board the Majestic Princess (virtual) cruise by 3pm for a 4:25pm departure to Yorkeys Knob Queensland. Despite this, I was able to take a lot of photos, and I absolutely loved the scenery. After a Break watching afternoon Sitcoms on the big screen on the Sports Deck; I returned to the cabin to get ready for the later dinner sitting in the ‘Allegro Dining room.’ When we finished eating, my family and I went our separate ways. I returned to the Sports Deck for the movie ‘A Knights Tale’ at Movies under the stars before socialising for a little while in the ships Wheelhouse Bar, and then returning to the cabin for the night. Day Five (Yorkeys Knob, Australia): The Majestic Princess (Virtual) arrived sailed into Yorkeys Knob at 6am on Monday 22nd November 2020. We woke up at 8am to a yummy room serviced breakfast before getting getting ready for the day at our third port. It was a beautiful 26 degrees outside, and it was the perfect weather conditions for ‘Jet Boating.’ Because of mums age, etc; I actually did this one on my own. Mum just came along for the day. On our way to the Princess Theatre to meet up with the rest of the group who came Jet boating with me; mum and I purchased a morning coffee at the ships caffe. The sessions went for just 35 minutes (which was a bit disappointing because it wasn’t long) 😢 and I was booked in for the 10am session. We left the Princess Theatre with our group at 9:30am for our Jet boating Adventure. The photos were ordered prior to doing the safety training for the ride, and they were sent to me by SMS shortly after the adventure ended. When the absolutely amazing ride finished, I dried myself off, picked up my things, and went to a local cafe for lunch before returning to the ship for the rest of the day. I then enjoyed a relaxing drink on the pool deck. This was followed by a walk around the Promenade deck because I wanted one final look around at this amazing place before the ship departed for Port Douglas (our second last port for the cruise). The departure took place after 4pm. There was another cruise ship in the area and I was able to enjoy my first ‘horn battle’.... yay! When the ship was finally at sea, I remained on the Sports Deck, and finished watching the sitcom TV Shows that was playing on the big screen. I then enjoyed a relaxing facial at the ships Salon, before returning to the cabin to get ready for ‘Casual Photo night’ with my Auntie and Uncle in the Allegro Dinning Room. After dinner, I went to the Sports Deck to watch ‘Fast and the Furious’ at Movies Under The Stars before meeting my family in the ‘Princess LIVE room’ (on deck 7) for the Princess version of ‘Have you been paying attention.’ The game was designed for the passengers to participate in. I was one of the contestants, and my full time score was ‘120.’ How cool was that? When the game finished, I went to the Sea Walkers Night Club to dance the night away before returning to the cabin for the night. Day Six (Port Douglas, Australia): Mum and I woke up at 7:15am Tuesday 22nd November 2020 to a room serviced breakfast, and the ship was still arriving at Port Douglas, Australia. Our final shore excursion was a visit to ‘the Great Barrier Reef;’ where we went snorkelling, and enjoyed a ride on the glass bottom boat. When the ride ended, we had lunch at a local cafe, and did some Duty Free shopping before returning back to the ship by tender boat for the rest of the day. Although everyone had back on board the Majestic Princess (Virtual) by 4pm; the ship didn’t actually depart for Willis Island (our final port) until 4:43pm. After Dinner with my family in the Allegro Dinning Room, we went our separate ways. I went to the Sports Deck to watch ‘The Hunt for Red October’ at Movies Under The Stairs.’ It was a very long movie and the Sea Walkers Night Club was already closed so I returned to the cabin for the night as soon as the movie finished. Day Seven (Willis Island, Australia): On Wednesday 25th November 2020, mum and I woke up at 8:45am. We had Breakfast in the International Food Court because the Majestic Princess Virtual was still at sea because we didn’t arrive until 10am, and the place packed when we arrived because everyone wanted a good view of the Island. The ship arrived on time, and it was worth the wait because the view of the Isl from the ship was absolutely breath taking. As well as being a very small Island; Willis Island is actually a ‘Weather Station in Queensland,’ and the final port for our cruise. When the Majestic Princess (Virtual) arrived ‘it didn’t actually stop;’ it slowed down and a Tour Guide spoke to us all over the air ways before getting off the ship. This was where the ship started its two sea day trip back to Sydney. After enjoying the spectacular view of the Island from the ship, I went to the International Food Court for lunch with my family. When we finished eating, I left my group and went to the Princess Theatre for the movie ‘Rush Hour 3.’ Dinner time came, and we all went to the Allegro Dinning Room for the later seating. I’m a huge party animal and the 70’s Ultimate Deck Party was on tonight so when I finished eating, I went to the cabin to get ready for the party. Everyone was encouraged to get dressed up as their ‘favourite 70’s Character’ and it was so hot that night because of the tropical Queensland weather so I went as ‘Rizzo from the movie ‘Grease.’ The party finished with everyone dancing the night away in the Sea Walkers night club. It was a fantastic way to celebrate ‘all things 70’s,’ and when the party finished, I returned to the cabin for the night. Day Eight (Our Second Last Sea Day): My family woke up at 8:30am on the second last sea day, and enjoyed a yummy breakfast together in the International Food Court. When we all finished eating, we all went to the Vista Lounge for the Line Dancing Class which started at 11am. My Uncle Lindsay and Auntie Sue had never done a Line Dancing Class before but they both absolutely loved it. When the class finished, we remained in the Vista Lounge for the Bingo Tournament, and (unlike my last cruise) I actually won a few times... yippee! It was then time for lunch, so we all returned to the International Food Court to eat before going our separate ways. I went to the Princess Theatre to watch the movie ‘Odd Ball,’ and (later) a walk around the Promenade Deck; while the others went off and did their own thing before meeting up for our second last dinner in the Allegro Dinning Room. When we finished eating, we went our separate ways for the rest of the evening. I went to the Sports Deck to watch ‘The Avengers - Age of Ultron’ at Movies Under The Stairs.’ It was very late when the movie ended so I went to the cabin for the rest of the night instead of going to the Sea Walkers Night Club. Day Nine (Our Final Sea Day): 😢 It’s final sea day for our family cruise. Mum and I woke up to a room serviced breakfast before going our separate ways. I started off at the Sports Deck to watch the movie ‘Red Dog’ on the big screen before going to the Vista Lounge for the final Line Dancing class at sea. When the class ended, I went to the ships Karaoke Suite for the first time with my family where I sang ‘Show Me Heaven by Maria Mckee’ and I dedicated it my Auntie and Uncle who absolutely loved my second Princess Cruises performance. When the Karaoke Power Hour ended, the we all went to the International Food Court for lunch before going our separate for the rest of the afternoon. I went to the Princess Theatre to watch the movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsman before returning to the cabin to pack because tomorrow the Majestic Princess (Virtual) sails back into Sydney.😢 After our final dinner together in the Allegro Dinning Room we said our final goodbyes to our amazing waiters who did a fantastic job during the ten night cruise and went our separate ways. I went to the Sports Deck to watch the final Movie Under the Stairs. I then went to the Sea Walkers Night Club to dance the night away before returning to the cabin for the final night on board the Majestic Princess (Virtual). We’ve arrived home: At 5:30am on Saturday 28th November 2020, the Majestic Princess (Virtual) Cruise Ship sailed into Sydney Harbour, and I woke up just in time to quickly get dressed to film the ships arrival. When the ship docked, I returned to the cabin to collect the rest of my belongings before leaving the cabin and going to the International Food Court for (Breakfast) our final meal on board the ship. After breakfast, we purchased a take away coffee from the ships cafe and took it to our disembarkation area to wait for our group number to be called out. My mum, Auntie Sue, Uncle Lindsay, and I disembarked from the ship together at 11am, and it went smoothly. We got off the massive cruise ship, collected our luggage, and walked back to Circular Quay Station and court the train to Bondi Junction. A Taxi met us at the Station. We put our luggage in the trunk of the car, and went to Lindsay and Sues place for a few days before flying back to Melbourne. Thanks everyone at Princess Cruises for a fantastic virtual cruise. I look forward to doing the cruise ‘FOR REAL’ one day.
  2. Hi there! Before the Pandemic hit; I was originally meant to go on a 10 night Queensland cruise with the Majestic Princess. Is it possible for me to purchase a (mini) souvenir model of the Majestic Princess ship on land? I’d still like to add it to my collection.
  3. Over the next three weeks, I’ll be celebrating ‘Six Years of Cruising with Princess Cruises!’  Let me know if you were on the 20th September 2014 cruise (booking number: # 7T3THX) to Fiji and the South Pacific departing from Sydney on board the (late) Dawn Princess Cruise Ship; and let’s celebrate together.


  4. People go on solo cruises all the time for all types of reasons. One of the many benefits of Single or Solo Cruising verses Family or Group Cursing is 'you have more freedom (because it’s just you) and you get to do cruising your way.' Like most Cruise lines; Princess Cruises caters for the needs of Solo Cruises. During most Sea Days, the Princess Cruise line holds 'Singles or Solo Afternoon Tea Events.' These events were designed to make Singles or Solo Travellers feel more at home whilst on their cruise. However, as well as feeling lonely and invisible despite being around a lot of people; ‘some Cruise ships also come with the occasional heckler' (these are people who like to give solo travellers a hard time for traveling on their own). If this happens to you during your cruise, tell your cruise director (if you can), and then when you get home report the incident in the Passenger Cruise Questionnaire email you’ll receive from the cruise line. So, what are the Dinning options for solo cruising? When it comes to meal times; my advice is don’t choose the ‘anytime dinning option,’ and then eat your meals in the Smorgasbord restaurants when you get on board the ship. Instead, choose to go with the ‘eight seater option at either the 5pm or a 7pm dinner seatings in one of the ships main Restaurants. That way, you’ll be able to meet new people, build relationships, and have people to talk to during your cruise; instead of doing it on your own. And, what’s involved with booking a cabin for a Solo Cruise? Zoe Elcock (A Travel Agent from Flight Centre in Castle Hill, Australia) said, "It's a Twin Cabin so when you'll be paying for 'two people.' But because you're travelling on your own, you'll get it for a bit cheaper." But that's not all. As well as booking a Singles Cruise through Flight Centre; you can also arrange to share a cabin with another solo traveler. So many things have changed since the Cruise Industry began, and it seems the top deck is no longer the limit because the options are endless, and the cruising world is in your hands. Solo Cruising verses Group Cruising; the choice is yours. Happy cruising!
  5. Hi again! Thanks for getting back to me about the blogger thing. How do I become CLIA Certified (what courses can I do through them)? Also, Victoria is stage 4 lockdown and I’m looking for things to do so do you know of any good Cruise Industry courses I can do online? I look forward to hearing from you.
  6. Great article. Thanks to the Pandemic; I'll miss the opportunity to ride (my dream ship) the beautiful Majestic Princess. Earlier this year, I booked a ten night Queensland cruise from Sydney. It would've been taking place this November until the Pandemic hit. I just hope i'll at least be able to sea the ship before she departs for the USA.
  7. I've been a Freelanced cruise blogger for many years. I'm not CLIA Certified, and I'm not associated with any travel agent but I've completed a cruise industry course through ITC Online Training, and I'd like to get paid to do what I love. Does anyone have any thoughts of how to get my blog out there?
  8. The Cruise industry is slowly starting to re-open after the COVID-19 Pandemic lock down. During the August edition of Princess Connects LIVE, I found out the new ‘Medallion Classed Cruise Ships’ from Princess Cruises. Apparently, these mega ships already caters for the new restrictions of COVID-19 so it’s an ideal for your first cruise when the boarders reopen. So what is a Medallion classed Vacation? Available as an Ocean Medallion; the Princess Medallion Class vacation is designed to take your cruising experience to the next level with the unique experiences that helps you to get even more out of your vacation with the Princess Line, and it all begins with your Ocean Medallion. The Princess Class Medallion is a quarter sized wearable device that enables everything to get done faster than ever before, and the ships this now features on include the: 'Ruby Princess, Grand Princess, Enchanted Princess, Emerald Princess, Coral Princess, Island Princess, Caribbean Princess, Regal Princess, and the Royal Princess; with more still to come.' From boarding for your cruise to finding those your traveling with on the ship; with the medallion in your hand, you can do things like ‘order food from key restaurants on board (like the Steakhouse), and have it delivered straight to your state room without needing to be around people. How cool is that? The Medallion is also available as an 'all-in-one app' designed to interact with your Medallion to put the Medallion Class digital experiences at your fingertips. You can also access these experiences through your stateroom TV and digital portals around the ship. For more information about the Medallion Classed Ships click on this link.
  9. Like most all of us, I had a few things planed, and the virus pandemic recked it for me! If this was a normal year; in a few months this time (this November to be exact) I would’ve been going to Station Pier Wharf in Port Melbourne on Wednesday, the 5th of November to live stream the ‘maiden voyage of P&O’s new Pacific Adventure Cruise Ship’ as she returns to Sydney (her home Port) after the 2020 Melbourne Cup Carnival. But that’s not all. A few days later; I would’ve been in Sydney for a ten night cruise to Queensland on board the Majestic Princess departing from Circular Quay on the 18th November 2020. During the cruise, we would’ve visited these amazing Australian destinations: *Brisbane (Australia), *Airlie Beach (Australia), *Yorkeys Knob Cairns (Australia), *Port Douglas (Australia), and *Willis Island (Australia), before returning back to Sydney. It’s a shame because I’ve never been up past Brisbane, and I’ve always wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef. Although the cruise industry is currently dead because of COVID-19; I hope I’ll be able to go another cruise one day because I love cruising. Stay safe everyone!
  10. Thanks Jason. I’m glad to be here. Question for you ‘how do I change my email address?’ I’ve tried to do so several times through my profile but it won’t let me do it.
  11. This blog is for Australian cruiselings! Everyone’s asking, “when is International travel likely to resume from Australia?’ This is a great question, and the answer is this. International flights are expected to resume in 2024, and starting December 2020; Cruise Ships aren’t expected to return fully to International waters until the end of 2021. Despite this, the good news is ‘Australian Travel is believed to start first,’ and Australia has so many amazing places to visit; including: The Northern Territory, Fremantle - WA, Brisbane - QLD, The Great Barrier Reef - QLD, Airlie Beach - QLD, Yorkeys Knob (Cairns) - QLD, Port Douglas - QLD, Willis Island - QLD, Sydney Harbour (Circular Quay) - SYD, Philip Island - MELB, and other great touristy destinations around the Great South Land. When cruising finally resumes ‘Holidays will be available at a discounted rate.’ P&O Cruises has some fantastic Australian cruise deals on offer through this website;’ starting on the 31st October 2020 with the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Bon Voyage! Happy (land) Cruising everyone!
  12. 2020 was the year the cruise industry changed forever. The Coronavirus hit the Diamond Princess Cruise ship when it was docked in Yokohama Japan; (turning it into a floating Petrie dish). I've been on several cruises, and the air quality inside the cabins isn't very good. Research has shown 'the Coronavirus spread from the sick passengers to the other passengers on board the vessel through the ships air conditioning system. Despite claims 'the air conditioning system recycles the air that goes through;' the Coronavirus droplets are so small it can easily spread from cabin to cabin, and throughout the whole ship. Although the ships quarantine period was over, and everyone on board was FINALLY able to Disembark; it didn’t stop there. A few months later, the virus became a ‘Global Pandemic' when it spread around the world; putting a ban on global Cruising for several months. Despite this, the good news is ‘the Cruise Ship Industry will be back,’ and better than ever. There’s just going to be a few changes coming to the Cruise Industry. As well as ‘Social Distancing;’ other confirmed changes includes the following: 1. The Ships will contain less people. 2. in the Buffet (or Smorgasbord) there will be NO self serving. All food will be served to you by the ships staff. 3. Mask wearing will be voluntary on cruise ships. 4. Prior to boarding; you’ll be pre-screening temperature checked prior to boarding the ship for your cruise. If your temperature is high you won’t be able to board the ship for your cruise. There will also be more hand sanitizers everywhere (both on and off the ship), and your Lounge will be sanitized as well before it arrives at your Cabin, and 5. During the cruise, the ships themselves will be cleaned like Hospitals. The lifts will be cleaned every hour, and (when you can) you’ll need to go to your cabin to use the Bathroom instead of using the Public Toilets. Despite all the changes; I look forward to cruising again soon. I look forward to cruising again soon.
  13. Departing from Melbourne on Sunday 3rd November 2019; we’ll be cruising in ‘Fiji and the South Pacific’ for fourteen nights on board the Golden Princess before the cruise ship retires to P&O, and becomes the ‘Pacific Adventurer;' replacing the Pacific Jewel who left the princess fleet in March 2019. Although we’ll only be in Fiji for two days this time; I’m really looking forward to going back, and seeing all the changes in what I love to call 'the mother land.' If you’re reading this Blog it means ‘We’re going on a cruuuuuise!’ On Tuesday, 15th January 2019, my Melbourne family joined the 'over 20,0000 people who book cruises every year' when we booked our third cruise to Fiji and the South Pacific with Princess Cruises. As well as 'cruising;' I absolutely love Fiji. I first fell in love with the Fijian Islands during my first cruise; which took place in 2014 on board the (late) Dawn Princess Cruise Ship. Loata Brealey is a Fijian lady from 'Port Denaru, Fiji.' When she was my boss, Loata gave me the nick name 'Island Princess' shortly after getting back from my first cruise. Loata told me a bit about the Fijian culture, and taught me some of the language like for example: * Bula - Hello, * Vinaka - Welcome & Thank you, and * Sega - No thank you.' She also kept buying me a variety of amazing souvenirs (including 'a large Fijian Flag') every time she went to Fiji because she knows how much I love the Islands. How cool is that? As well as it being our third cruise with the Princess Cruise line; it will also be a celebration of ‘two main birthday mile stones;’ the really exciting news is ‘my Melbourne family will be coming with us’ to celebrate my sister and her Husbands ‘Wedding Anniversary.’ How cool is that? On Thursday, 30 May 2019, our shore Excursions became available for us to book through the Princess Cruises website. Although the cruise isn’t going to my favourite ports this time (including ‘Dravuni Island in Fiji); the ship will be going to Noumea in New Caledonia, and the shore Excursion to ‘Duck Island’ is available... yippee!!! It’s a fantastic snorkeling destination, and you travel there by Catamaran. I first found out about the shore excursion at Duck Island while watching the 2014 Reflections highlights video of my first cruise; but we didn’t end up doing that shore excursion. The cruise was fully paid for on Thursday, 18th July 2019. Even though I offered to pay for myself; mum decided she wanted to bless her kids (including me) so apart from paying the deposit; I’ve pretty much got a free cruise, and get this ‘a free cruise was my birthday wish during my 2017 cruise to New Zealand’ so look out Fiji here I come. How cool is that? On Monday, 20th August 2019, our boarding passes, and luggage tags became available via the Princess Cruises website. This marked the 'seventy five day mark,' and the final count down to our cruising adventure to the South Pacific. The minute I saw the link on the Princess Cruises website, I immediately got 'cruise happy.' I couldn't help it; I grabbed my IPAD and filmed the big event. Enjoy the video by the way. Now all that's left to do is 'book the shore excursions, pack my bags, and board the ship... wahooiiii! On Monday 16th September 2019, we met ‘Anneri Humphris;’ she’ll be looking after the house while we’re away. Introduced to us by Pam D’sa from Church; Anneri came over at 2pm with her young son to have a look around, to meet my pets (including my Greyhound), and to receive instructions of how to look after the house.
  14. On Monday 9th October 2017, I spent the day at Manly; knowing (before hand) the Carnival Spirit cruise ship was in town. When I arrived at Circular Quay, I took some photos of the beautiful ship prior to boarding the Manly Ferry. During my day in Manly, I went for a walk, took photos, did some filming, and enjoyed a yummy afternoon tea before returning to Circular Quay on the 5pm Ferry. It wasn’t long after the departure from Manly Wharf when I saw the Carnival Spirit Cruise ship coming the other way. It was after 4pm in the afternoon, and I didn’t know the ship was still in town because I didn’t hear the horn. Being a lover of ships and cruising; I naturally grabbed my bags and quickly made my way out to the front of the Ferry for a closer look. My camera was already set up, so I used the opportunity to take photos, and film the ships departure. Wow, I’ve been on two cruise ships heading out to sea, but I had never been the one on board the Manly Ferry going the other way until the day of my Manly visit, and I thought it was absolutely spectacular. While other people were looking at the Dolphins in the harbour; I got excited when I saw the ship coming towards the ferry. It was an amazing experience, and I hope I can do it again.
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