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Where is the craxiest place you have made woopie

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ok gang, were going to have to make up another thread adults only, R-Rated section! :biggrin::tongue: HMMM! Good Question, Under the Buffet Table, we can have a snack afterwards!LOL! :biggrin::tongue:

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I don't suggest deck 6 or 7 foward on the destiny or conquest class ships.....lol

Look up above you,,,, that tinted black thing is the BRIDGE......lol


Wondered why that horn kept sounding....lol

Balconys are great!!! Just try not to do it when in port....lol

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I'm not sure I really want to know where any of you have made whoopie on a cruise ship, other than in your cabin, and I sure don't want to tell you about our escapades.

However, since you brought the subject up, you have to wonder where and what people are doing on a cruise. I think I prefer to remain oblivious.

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:cool2: This reminds me of one of the most famous TV bloopers of all time. It was the Newlywed game. Remember how one party was taken off stage and the other asked several questions, then the returning party would be asked the same questions to see how well he/she knew their partners. Well the guy was asked a question just like this one but when his wife was asked she got the wrong idea. Her idea of "place" was an anatomical location. She said on national TV "I guess in the ......" I'll leave the rest up to your imagination but it rhymes with "lass" and is another name for a mule. :biggrin::biggrin:

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