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Newbie going solo...

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Hi, all. Kewl sight here! My hat is off to all that make it so.

I am 50 yrs old, and currently single. I am taking baby steps here..with my first cruise, which I have for many years wanted to do, scheduled to leave Jan 31, 2005 from Mobile, AL. It is a 5 day cruise to Couzumel and some other near by place. (I forget exactly where... I told ya I was 50...). Any way, any tips, advice, suggestions would be most welcome. I am sure I will have fun, but as with anything new there is a tad bit of apprehension to go along with the excitement. Since I am by myself I booked a single cabin inside. All I plan to do is sleep in it...and oh yeah...and maybe take a shower.

An outside cabin would be nice if I was with someone but since I am not, and this is my first, like I said, I am taking baby steps.

Any comments...advice...criticism????

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Rick, Welocme to our CruiseCrazies family. We're glad to have you aboard and hope to get to know you. I give you a lot of credit for being able to deal with the apprehension and take that step that you will be glad you took. Please feel free to ask any questions at all that you may have. That's what we're here for.

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Hi, Rick, and welcome to our CruiseCrazies family!

alt text

I’m also a “single sailor,†and love cruising!

One of my favorite places on Cozumel is Chankanaab Park. It’s a short, ten-dollar, taxi ride from the dock.

alt text

“Chankanaab†is a Mayan word, meaning “Small Sea.†The park is built around a large lagoon, filled with brackish water, with an underground opening to the sea. It is filled with tropical reef fish, and other marine life, which can be viewed from a path which circles the lagoon.

On the site is an archeological park, with examples of Mayan, Aztec, Olmec, and other pre-Columbian artifacts; a recreation of a Mayan village; and a Mayan Museum.

The beach is not terrific, but the snorkeling is. The reef is only a few hundred yards offshore, and snorkeling equipment is available for rental, on the beach, for $6.00 U.S. The snorkeling is among the best I’ve done.

They also rent water-sports equipment.

The park also offers a botanical area, filled with tropical foliage, and inhabited by a large number of Iguanas.

The $10.00 admission includes all of the activities, with the exception of a “Dolphin Encounter,†and “Swim With the Sea Lions,†which are optional.

You’ll find some great shopping in the island’s only town, San Miguel. Here you will also find Carlos & Charlie’s and Senor Frog, two fun-filled “watering holes.†For gorgeous black coral jewelry, at ridiculously low prices, check out Roberto’s Black Coral Jewelry on Fifth Avenue South, about 3 blocks from the Plaza del Sol.

If you’re not a true Mayan history buff, don’t bother with the island’s Mayan ruin, San Gervasio. It’s not a large site, and very little restoration has been done. Although an important site in Mayan history, containing the temple of Ix Chel (the fertility goddess),

it needs a lot of work….

If the "other place" has shore excursions to either Tulum or Uxmal, I recommend you visit one of the sites. Uxmal is my favorite, since it's a huge site and has the only oval-shaped pyramid. However, tulum, built on a bluff overlooking the Caribbean, is a beautiful site, also.

Anyway, have a ball, whatever you do!

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Another occasionally single cruiser here (I go with my friends if possible, but have gone single in the past and enjoyed it.)

First off - go with the flow. Join in activities, go to the singles gathering the first night (just to see who else is going alone if they have the guts to show up), chat up people while waiting in lines. Especially get to know your tablemates. I have made some great friendships that way! My next two cruises are as a single and I am looking forward to some quiet time, but definitely will join in activities and chat up people! People on cruises are especially friendly!

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I just did my first solo cruise, although I'm not sure if I would have been so brave had it been my first cruise AND first time solo.

As others have said, you should get involved. Even though this was my first totally solo cruise, in the past my girls would bring their friends and I'd spend most of my time alone anyway.

My last cruise I went by myself for two weeks. I didn't feel lonely at all. We had great table mates, and they would invite me to go to shows or the lounges with them in the evening. I found others traveling alone, and we'd meet for shore excursions and share cabs and such. It seems to be easy to meet others on a cruise, because so much is done (sharing style). I can't think of any other type of 'restaurant" where they seat total strangers at your table. You really do get to know your dinner table mates.

I also managed to meet new people every day during other meals because if you are sitting by yourself, and if the tables become scarce, others will ask if they can sit with you and strike up a conversation.

I always book inside cabins because I hardly ever spend time in my cabin anyway, and I enjoy spending money on something else. Others really enjoy the outside cabins and would have it no other way. It's a matter of preference, but nothing at all wrong with an inside. I find having an inside cabin makes me go outside more, as I can't just look out a window if I want a view. LOL

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My wife and I are going on our first cruise in June on Carnival's Sensation, and we're excited too! We have heard from friends that if you're on a tight budget (as we are!), getting a cabin with a window is great for the first trip, but after that, if you need to save a few bucks (again, as we do!), its worth it to just get an inside cabin. We are already planning on saving the $$$ on any future cruises we take and using it drinks, tours, ect...

Since you almost HAVE to meet other people on the cruise, we're sure you will have a great time.

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I see nothing wrong with an inside cabin. I sleep better since it's pitch dark ALL the time in there. The rooms are the same size, so the only difference is the fact that you can't see outside.

Heck, they even put a curtain in there to give you the illlusion you have a window.

I am like you....enjoy spending the money on other things since I try not to spend much time in my room except for getting ready and sleeping anyway.

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