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Booked a B2B for 2006

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We took the plunge last night and booked a B2B with a twist.

Instead of staying on the same ship I decided to book two different ships. I couldn't find a 14 day cruise that I was really happy with so I started looking and found two cruises leaving from Miami. The first will be on Dec 3, 2006 aboard the Carnival Victory headed for the Western Caribbean. Then I found that the Carnival Valor will be leaving for the Western Caribbean on Dec. 10th so I thought why not just get off the Victory and get right back on the Valor. That way we can still have our 14 days. The two ships repeat Grand Caymen and Cozumel but then go to different ports. Cozumel attracted me because we have not been there before and both ships are in port for a very long time. 7:00-midnight and 11:00-11:00. I figure we will have enough time to really check out the place. Grand Caymen we have done before but we loved "Sting Ray City", so we will go back and then find something else of interest the second week. One of our stops will be to Belize where we plan on doing the "cave tubing" looks like fun. We have not been on Carnival since our Alaska trip in 1997 so I am expecting there to be big changes. This will also be the first time we will be going on the "Big Ships". Hope everyone is having a happy and safe 4th.


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Hi schatje.

I have always wanted to do a B2B..I cant wait to hear of your expierneces of leaving one ship and going to the other...will they transfer your luggage for you or will you have to find your luggae in a pile and then go stand in another boarding line??

Either way! Congrats on 14 days of smooth sailing

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We haven't done a B2B cruise yet, but it sure is enticing. That may have to wait until we retire. Congrats on the bookings. I'm sure that you will really enjoy both cruises. Just remember, that means that you have 2 reviews to do when you get home. :wink:


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Thanks everyone. Howard yes I will write two reviews and Joey we will probably have to transport our own luggage via taxi and stand in another line but just to beable to get on another ship should be worth the effort. We have not been on any of the Superliners yet just wondering if my hip can take all the extra walking. I had a totoal hip done in 2000. I do well up to a point and then there is just no more gas, so to speak :( I booked a stateroom up on the lido deck for both cruises hoping that would cut down on the walking. Still hope to dance, even if its a slow one with hubby everynight. :)

If anyone has been on either of these ships, Carnival Victory or Valor please pass on your opinions...they count with me.

Hava a great day

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