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Carnival ships departing from Port Everglades??

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Today my family and I spent the day at grandmas...she lives on the 17th floor of her high-rise condo right on Hallandale beach. As you could imagine, she has an amazing view of the ocean, and we always can see the ships sailing out of the Port of Miami from her condo.

Something very interesting caught our attention today....Normally, at least in the past, we've watched all the Carnival ships sailing out of Miami. However, today we spotted a Destiny-class ship sailing in to the Port of Miami at around 6PM, possibly coming from Port Everglades??? The ships NEVER sail INTO port at this time....they're always just setting out into the sea from the port at around that time.

Does anyone know anything about this?

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Nothing over on that unmentionable board about a late arrival or returning ship.

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It definitely was a Carnival ship and definitely heading toward the Port of Miami. It was very strange to see that. Anyone know what was going on???

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I wonder if it was the Imagination. There was a thread over on Buggie's site about a person who fell overboard Sunday. It had left late Saturday night due to medical emergencies, and then this happenned Sunday. I wonder of they came back to bring the woman to hospital, since they got her after 7 hours in the water.

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This is from Cruise News Daily:

* Just Like on TV

Saturday's sailing of Carnival's Imagination didn't get

off to a good start, because the ship didn't arrive Miami

until after noon due to a bizarre set of incidents on its

previous cruise. Once underway, things were looking up

until one of Carnival's woke up in a bad mood on deck and

things went downhill from there.

Let's start at the beginning. After Imagination left

Ocho Rios last Thursday afternoon, its final stop before

returning to Miami, the ship's hospital got busy with not

one, not two, but three unrelated medical emergencies

which required the patients being sent to shoreside

medical facilities. The most expedient way of dealing

with the unusual circumstance was to turn the ship around

and go back to Ocho Rios. They did that, and no doubt the

patients are grateful, but the ship lost so much time, it

didn't arrive into Miami until Saturday afternoon.

Needless to say, an arrival that late caused a major

delay in Saturday's cruise leaving Miami. Passengers

weren't happy, but most understood and were ready for a

good time.

Saturday night went well as Imagination was hurrying

toward Jamaica, trying to make up some time so Monday's

call wouldn't be shortened. Some of the passengers were

having maybe too good of time, including one 20-year-old

woman who fell asleep in a deck chair. Her traveling

companions found her and woke her up about 5:30 Sunday


You've heard of getting up on the wrong side of the

bed? She must have gotten up on the wrong side of the

deck chair because reports say she became angry and ran

from her friends. She ran around a corner on the deck

and, just like on TV sitcoms, they heard a splash.

One of the people in the party happened to be an off-

duty member of the Coast Guard, and he immediately

reported her overboard. They couldn't spot her in the

water, but Imagination made the report to the Coast Guard

and turned to begin searching for the woman.

About noon she was spotted and taken aboard a cargo

vessel which had also joined the search. Imagination

dispatched their doctor and a nurse to the cargo ship to

administer medical treatment. The woman was eventually

transferred to a Coast Guard cutter and then airlifted to

a Miami hospital.

Because of the additional time lost, Imagination

decided to give up on going to Ocho Rios and instead set

a course to take it directly to Grand Cayman where it is

expected to arrive on Wednesday. Passengers each received

$40 shipboard credit.

Meanwhile the very lucky woman, who survived at least

an 80-foot dive/fall into the Caribbean and more than

four hours in the water, is recovering in a Miami medical


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