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We are set to leave on Our Cruise

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We are almost all set for our first cruise with Celebrity.

As many of you guys are aware David and I will be trying Celebrity out for the very first time when we sail aboard the “Classic†Century

We leave Fort Lauderdale and have port stops in Aruba where we hope to do nothing but beach time. If anyone knows a non touristy beach on Aruba where we can enjoy the sand and water but still be close enough for food when the feeling strikes .. We would appreciate it. The same goes for Ochio Rios, Jamaica .. Just beach time.. Any leads?

For Colon Panama we have opted for the Two Ocean Railroad Journey which will takes us by train throughout the area,

And In Puerto Limon Costa Rica we will enjoy the Costa Rica Off Road Adventure.

Cruise paid for! Air fair paid for! Shore excursions Paid for! Hotel Reservations made!

Only one problem.. We don’t leave for 6 months. How I hate to wait on a cruise


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You had me going there for a while, Joey. When I saw the topic, I thought, Gee did I miss something ? Because I knew you weren't leaving for several months. Thought maybe you sneaked another cruise in before that one. Well, Joey, the 6 months will go quickly, you'll see. Hugs, Cheryl

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I'm with you Joey I want to walk out of the door and go to the airport :smiley: Wal-Mart had a blow out of a sale today so I was able to complete the shopping I need to do. I can't believe you were able to get your excursions set. Princess still does have ours listed yet and we go in 3 months. :undecided:

Anyway time will hopefully go quickly if we keep talking with everyone here at "crazies". :grin:

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Hi Mary, yes they opened up Costa Rica today and we were able to get Colon Last week! so we set!!!.....

Alougt since there will be 3 formal nights we could use a new vest set for the tuxes

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Wow you really do some early pre-cruise planning! LOL

I love to get the details out fo the way early then more time to think about what a great time we'll have.

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