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what type of clothes to pack

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My first cruise is November 20, 2005. I have the packing list, but what I want to know is what kind of clothes to pack. My husband wears a lot of jean shorts and jeans. We know about the formal nights but what about the rest of the time? I would like to pack light enough to have room to bring plenty of things home for gifts.

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Hi Lindyf,

I have never sailed RCCL... If it is like many cruise lines and there are mosre seasoned RCCL cruisers on line I am sure we will be getting some feed back shortly, you and your spouse always have the option of not eating in the main dinning room unless it was a formal night, I believe casual dining is available on most lines very night of a cruise. You also have the right to eat every meal you wanted in the dining room and dress how you wanted to...However, most 7 night cruise that I have experienced had 4 casual night 2 informal and one formal. The great thing about men’s attire is a dark suit can be used for so many functions. I personally don’t see anything wrong with a military person who has the right to wear a dress uniform, to wear it for both formal and informal nights. If I would ever see it in a dining room I probably would send them a bottle of wine, just to say thanks for all they do.

As far as day time wear if hubby like jean shorts , I would tell hubby “enjoy yourself baby!†nothing at all wrong with shorts during the day! After all you guys are on Vacation, where what you want during the day as long as it's not obscene, (and that too is subjective) Bottom line enjoy yourself!

Wish I could be more help, but I am not a RCCL expert. But wait right here .. Just like a good metro system one will be along in just a few to answer most of your questions! :grin:<]

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Hi, lindyf. It's great to see you posting. I've posted your cruise date to our CruiseCrazies calendar. That time of the year, I usually pack a little of everything - clothing for warm weather as well as for cool days or nights just in case. I pack a couple of bathing suits and shorts for day plus a sweatshirt and long jeans in case it's cool . For the evenings ,, I take dress slacks that I can mix and match with some nice tops. I always take a cover up because I always freeze at night on the ships. I pack a dressy cardigan sweater or a suit jacket in neutral colors. I even take one long sleeved top just in case . Usually my tops are short-sleeved though, since I bring the cover ups and out on deck it will be warm. If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to post the

Glad to have you aboard, lindyf. Hope to get to know you.

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