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Mini review

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We packed a carryon cooler and checked it through luggage. made it to the cabin ok. We had 2 bottles of wine, 3 flasks of Baileys, 7 big bottles of water and a 12 pack of diet pepsi.

I liked the cabin door better than the Pride. Reason is it wouldn't shut all the way. You could softly close it and put stuff outside without worrying if it would close shut. The Pride doors seemd very heavy.

I kept wondering all week long why people push an elevator button and when it arrives try to rush on to the elevator. Isn't it common courtesy, knowledge or whatever to let people off first ???????????????

Around our cabin area, i can't believe all the slamming of doors. What's wrong will simply closing a door behind you?

A bunch of kids kept butting in front of me in the line for the slide.....didn't really bother me....just wondered about it.

Sushi bar on deck 5, Promenade deck was great. My wife and i went there every night before dinner and had a few cocktails and people watched. formal nights were amazing. Any dress in the world would do for a woman.

Deck 3 had an outside walkway. DO NOT USE THIS TRYING TO GET BACK TO THE PLATINUM DINING ROOM. It does not work. Go to deck 5 aft and use the elevator down.

Cabbies in ST. Thomas are getting ruder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Even the bartender dude in the last bar before the pier was a jerk...........

We left our prepaid tips on our sail and sign card and even tipped more to our cabin steward and dining room waiter and busboy. Tipped others well along the way also.

Did not do any shows. We were too tired. By the time we woke up by 7am and finished dinner by 10pm we were pooped.

Couldn't find our last piece of luggage during debarkation. It took over an hour to find it.

This was the best cruise ever for my wife and i !!!!!!!!! how much more can i love her???????????????????

That's about all for now i guess. Jason is having computer problems, so my review will be posted when he can. Thanks Jason for all your hard work !!!!

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Gogetter - You mentioned two of my biggest pet peeves! I hate people who try to push themselves onto an elevator while people are trying to get off. Wouldn't it make more sense to let the people off first...and then there'd be plenty of room for people to get on!!! Drives me crazy!

You also mentioned people slamming doors. I've never understood why people can't hold the door so it doesn't slam, or simply turn the doorknob. My husband and son are well aware that slamming doors drive me insane; I've trained them well because they always turn the doorknob so the door doesn't slam. Actually in public places, it is just common courtesy to the people around you to not slam the door!

Loved your mini-review and anxiously await the whole review being posted!


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Sounds about right - especially the elevator rush.

Also - I can't understand why, when a person sees several people standing and waiting for the elevator - they have to press the button - like nobody actually thought of doing that :tongue: :grin: :rolleyes:

ttfn Jennifer

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Thanks you all........

K and R.................How can i love her more.................by taking her and her mother to Philadelphia next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May try to meet Rogue.....at least that is the plan.......

schatje.............i agree with getting an education. Basically i post what happened. I know..i mean i really KNOW....that we here on a classy board do not flame each other. Other boards have people who get all bent out of shape about certain things....oh well........

Thanks again all.....................

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