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Bringing liquor to the U.S

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i went to canada this afternoon, on my way back i asked a customs offical on what i can bring back. She told for every 72hrs your away you can bring back bottle or case of liquor, how ever each addional bottle sold under 72hrs there is a 2 dollar duty imposed, per bottle.

not too bad considering im gonna try bringing back 4 bottles.

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Funny, since it's usually us Canadians bringing liquor back from the US, since it's cheaper. Now, if you were bringing back Canadian beer, I'd understand LOL.

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Back in the 70's, I used to drive to Ontario, with friends, regularly, for the week-end. At that time, Molson did not export to the U.S. I would buy a case (24 bottles) and bring it back. As a 'joke,' I'd save the bottles and bring the emties back with me for the $1.20 deposit....

One trip, Canadian customs asked the usual, "do you have any..." question, and, for some silly reaso, I told him, "No, just empties!"

Well, he made me open the trunk and did a 'quick search...' Then, he laughed and said, "Gee, you do have empties."

About a month later, I made the same trip and met up with the same Customs officer. He took one look and said, "Aren't you the guy with the beer bottles?" I told him I was and he smiled and waved me through......


By the way, SKAOLboy, I think you misunderstood. If your out of the U.S. less than 72 hours, you can only bring back 4 oz. If you're out of the U.S. for over 72 hours, you're allowed one (1) litre! That's not one litre for each 72 hours, but a total of one litre! However, if the liquor is produced in a U.S. port (Puerto Rice; USVI; etc;) you're allowed up to five (5) litres.

Check out:


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