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Dinning Room attaire

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I'm new on this forum and I may rustle a few feathers, but here goes.

I have read on other forums about how disgusting and out of character a person is that wears jeans to the formal dining room during casual dress nights.

Well in my part of the country (Texas) jeans are a staple part of ones wardrobe. You can see well off Ranchers wear Jeans (Starched), Sport coat, western shirt and a bolo type tie, and boots to a fairly dress up affair. Just because jeans are are out of favor in some parts of the country, doesn't mean they are out of fashion where you live.

Now I understand if the rules says no jeans, then by God it's no jeans and no tolerance and that's good. One must "when in Rome do as the Romans", but dont look at those that wear jeans as being disrespectful to anyone.

When I cruised for the first time (Nov 2004) I had to purchace the nicer slacks, suits, ties etc, as I don't dress up and wear jeans almost totally for work and casual. I feel almost as out of place dressed up as prude on a nude beach.

We still enjoy cruising and We would every 6 weeks if the funds were there. So don't bereate me very hard for stating my opinion and thanks for reading my ramble.


60yo Texas Redneck :grin:

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Hey Jim! You ole Texas Redneck! (just teasing)

Jeans are more than acceptable on a cruise, however in the dinning room on most premium ships; they tend to be discouraged from wearing them while in the dinning room.

Does that mean everyone adopts to the dress code, unfortunately they do not, you may find individuals that wear no tie or coat on formal night, and you may wonder are they banished from the dinning room for not adhering to the “suggested dress policy�

NO! I have never seen it enforced to that degree.

Should they be?

Well that’s a preference thing, I personally vote yes, but that’s only because I like to dress for dinner and like to have that well dressed “illusion†kept in force within my eye view, but that’s just me.

Depending on the cruise line you sail with, you could pick one that would allow you to dress in jeans every meal if you wish, and others that prefer you dress up a bit more. Decisions and preferences are private things.

Most importantly, I feel one should be ones self and enjoy their vacation, however they should also be aware of what ambiance the cruise line is striving for and should in all good faith try to adhere to those policies.

And Jim as far as Berating you for expressing your opinion or concerns don’t happen here at cruise crazies, we are free to disagree, but this gang has the knack of doing it tactfully and with much diplomacy.

Glad you posted your thoughts. Keep up the interesting points of view!

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Hi, Jim, and welcome to CruiseCrazies!

alt text

One of the big differences between CruiseCrazies and other boards is that we try not to be judgmental. We're not afraid to voice our personal opinions, but we don't attack another poster, or their views. That's what sets us apart and makes us, "The friendliest cruise board on the net."

jeans seem fine to me, except on formal nights in the dining room. Doesn't seem like you disagree....

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Welcome Jim.....................

i agree that you get blasted for stating an opinion or the FACTS from a cruise from other boards.........but guess what? NOT HERE

I recently cruised the Carnival Glory and wore jeans every night including formal night. Never a problem. So no matter what feathers get rustled, it happened. No matter what someones perception is, IT Happened. Right wrong or indifferent, i wore jeans every night.

Anyways, again welcome to this wonderful forum where you can speak your mind and not get blasted for it!

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Welcome to Cruise Crazies Jim....This is the place to truly voice your opinion without fear of someone jumping down your throat. That is what attracted me to this site in the first place.

While DH and I enjoy "dressing" for dinner and do not even take jeans with us on vacation, our cruise would not be "ruined" if someone entered the dining room dressed in jeans.

Please post often and join in all the fun and games.

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Thanks for posting this very interesting and stimulating topic. It seems that you are going to be quite a contributor to this board.

Personally, I wear a dress suit on formal evening. I have spotted other cruisers wearing jeans or informal attire on formal evening, but I was paying attention only because my dinner had not arrived yet. As soon as dinner was served I stopped people watching and concentrated on enjoying my meal.

Most people choose to "dress up" on formal evening, but it does not disturb me that others choose to be informal. Afterall, it's up to them to enjoy their cruise the way it makes them feel comfortable or within their means.

My personal enjoyment of a cruise is not contingent upon what other people are wearing, but that they behave well and are polite and decent to their fellow cruisers. Having said that, polite and decent means not wearing bathing suits to the dining room. I think that would break the threshold of acceptable behavior.

I'm very tolerant, but I guess I do have my limits and jeans do not fall into my column for unacceptable behavior.

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Welcome Peddler and I also will say we are not like other boards and what ever topic you ask about we don't pounce you..

I like to dress up on Formal night and even other nights I wear more dressy clothes..I however didn't think the t-shirt with F you on the back and a baseball hat turned back wards and a pair of jeans would be or should be acceptable for formal night..which we had at a table next to ours..

Did it ruin my dinning experience of course not.. I think you have to wear what your comfortable in..I think again my thoughts are SOME people wear things just to cause looks..

I think I would be more upset to be at a table with unfriendly tablemates then what people wore..

That being said a table behind us with a dh who was very verbally abusive to his wife all night calling her a dumb "B&&ch" was more of a distraction than the t-shirt and baseball cap..

Not sure about how other Crusielines inforce the clothing, but RCI didn't turn away the t-shirt fellow..

Wear what makes you comfortable...and enjoy your Cruise...

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Welcome to the board, Peddler!

I agree with the others. Wear whatever you want. I have yet to see one person excluded from a dining room on a cruise for wearing anything but shorts. I have seen only one person asked to leave because of wearing shorts, and have seen others who never had anything said to them at all.

If your comfortable wearing jeans, wear them. I'll bet you look lots better than some of the things other people wear. :grin:

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