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We are 16 days out and we still don't have our DOCS :cry:

I called our TA several times yesterday and finally got through to her. She said they were sent out on Oct 25th !! She got on the phone to Princess to have them re-issed so I hope they get to her office safe and sound this time.

I don't understand how a TA does not know that I have not received my DOCS? Don't they have some kind of "To Do" list that they have to check on things as the dates come up? Please send good thoughts my way as I am a bit nervous :huh: Thanks

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Wow...and here I was worried about mine....I too wonder why TA don't know if the docs have been received or even sent...

Sending you Doc thoughts..Hope they can send them overnight delivery..

alt text

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In all honesty Phyiscal docs are becomming a thing of the past!

Relax everything will be fine. with the technology today all you really need to board the vessel is your ID (passport and credit card) (they want paid you know!) Any additional paperwork that THEY HAVE to have you can do dock side if need be..

If you haven’t received your documents before you and Andre leave for the airport call the cruise line before you go and say " I didn’t receive my docs.. I just want to confirm sailing time and cabin #."

By asking that, you will get what time you need to be at the pier they will also reassure you that you are paid in full and are on the manifest to board..

I meant to ask in all this confusion where is your TA?


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Thanks Joey! that makes me feel at ease. My TA is with a National company AA_? She seems to have too may clients or is just not as detailed as I am. We know which cabin we are assigned too because I picked it. We couldn't spring for a balcony so the closest room I could get was an inside right next to the Aloha deck. I think of it as our balcony :smiley:

I hear that another storm is brewing so send happy thoughts our way so that the weather is warm and sunny, we leave Thursday Dec 1, 7:00 am

I appreciate your posts!!

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Not to make you worry, but, put in an urgent call to your TA. It's getting kind of close now. You can at least find out if she's received them and mailed them and when, just in case they're lost in the mail. That will give you some time to take some corrective action.

If he/she didn't get them yet then he/she can pursue the issue with the cruise line.

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