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Nov 5,06 Freedom Cruise

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Hi everyone.

Janet I did not know about the Black Ice you had to deal with.

How is your nephew? Have they made any decisions about his car?

How is Annmaries Dad?

Tommy I hope they will change the formal night for you. I did not realize you were going to be gone during the Superbowl.

I would love to see my Panthers in the Superbowl again, but we got banged up pretty bad playing the Bears. Several of our players are now out until???

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I am here. I was just typing. I think you need to go ahead and have your navel done. I will buy you a ring.

I was taking my shower today and I had my syringe out with my epsom salt. I had my ring out and I put the little tip of the syringe directly in the top hole. It was so funny the water came out the bottom hole in a stream. I had to lol. I have never did this without the ring in.

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Keep the faith selena, youve gotten this far, everyone thought indianapolis would win and they didnt.

They are getting my nephews car fixed, $1500, I feel bad for him though. As for the black ice, I know it was pretty bad here, thats why I stayed inside and did so much today.

Annmaries dad is doing fine except for a screwed up medical insurance system that we have in our wonderful country. They would not allow him to have in home rehabilitation so he has to go 3 times a week, problem is her mom doesnt drive and without the use of his left arm he cant drive either, so now poor annmarie has to get up at 6:00 am drive her father to physical therapy, rush home to drive her daughter to school and then finally to work, I feel bad for her having to do all that.

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