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Nov 5,06 Freedom Cruise

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Hi Sha how are ya girl?? keep forgetting about this board, I had to look up my password to get on here

wow that room of yours sounds so good, you now have room for Termmie and me!!! wish we could come but I know we can't, only if we or you win the lottery lol

heard the weather was cold down by you, you are not used to it so it must really feel cold to you

soon termmie will be in AZ, it is 80 there right now, I will be stuck home with the dog and the builder but my turn will come in April when I go for a week all by myself!!!

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I have to agree the Europe cruise is looking wonderful.

Maybe by the time we go on one I can get a upgrade and get discounts for a balcony. I know if we do one I will have to have a balcony and I do not want to take the kids. This is really what I want next year for my Anniversary.

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You know there are us lurkers out there by day! I'm at a government job and can't post. It has been pretty quiet. What's new with everyone? Are you staying warm and getting ready for our Warm Caribbean cruise? Unfortunately, we have to wait until November to vacation again.

With our Filene's stores all closing, I did buy a new evening outfit! LiKe I needed something else to wear once.

Stay warm.


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I couldnt get on for a few days thru aol, I can thru IE but for some reason it wont let me in thru AOL, I know barb had the same problem.

If any of you have chris email address in your list, please take it out. She is starting a new job and that will no longer be her email address and she doesnt want anyone to email her there. We will let you know when she gets a new one.

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