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Tattoo's or Piercing?

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I wonder who all has some Tattoo's and piercings?

My son asked about getting a tatoo and I said No not until you are of legal age, you then can do what ever you want..lol.

Piercing he doesn't have any and doesn't want any of those..

Made me wonder about you crazy bunch.... :grin:

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Myself: no tattos, ears are pierced 2 x each side..have 1 cartilage piercing and my left side of my nose is also pierced

My dh has no piercing but has a tattoo of Newcastle Crest

Kids no body piercing besides girls have ears done 2x..and NO tattoos

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Both my ears are pierced...one time each. I know....I'm boring. And I pierced them myself back in the 1960's. Used those earrings with really sharp points and kept pressing until it went through.

I have no desire for anyone to put anymore holes in me!

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No piercings and no tatoos. I'm a big chicken. I don't like pain of any sort. You folks who do it are a hell of a lot braver than I am. I don't even want one second of pain.

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I grew up within walking distance of the Coney island amusement area, which, when I was young, was the equivalant of Disneyland. Navy ships used to dock in new York, so the sailors could have liberty. Most of them headed to Coney island during their brief vacations. As a result, there were a number of tattoo parlors on the boardwalk.

As a kid, I used to stand outside the window of the tattoo shops, with my nose up against the glass, and fantasize that I was getting a tattoo.

Whenever I talked about how I wish I had a tattoo, my mother would tell me that I could do what I want, when I'm 18, but for now, no tattoo. Then she would remind me that, ifyou get a tattoo, it's, "For the rest of your life!"

No, there was no turning back... Once done, that was it. "For the rest of your life!"

on my 49th birthday, I was sitting in my office, and talking with a co-worker.

"So, Jeff," he asked, "now that your almost 50, is there anything that you've wanted to do in your life that you've never done?"

Well, I told him the story of how I've always wanted to get a tattoo, but, once you do it, it's "For the rest of your life!"

He looked at me and said, "So, at your age, how much longer do you think that'll be?"

Point made. I went to a tattoo parlor, on my launch hour, that very day, and had a rose tattood on my left shoulder.

Happy Birthday!

Oh, and just to complte the fulfillment of the "wish list," I stopped at the Mall, on my way back, and had my ear pierced...

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