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Another Missing person from Cruise

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I hate hearing this kind of thing. Just how does one 'fall overboard'? The railings are high enough that you'd either have to be a giant to just 'fall over', or climb up and jump over, or be pushed over.

I did always tell my kids, when they were younger to stay away from the railings and no horseplay...because I could see kids doing that, or maybe in a balcony room, kids somehow fooling around and pushing one of them over. But adults? Sounds fishy to me. I hope they figure out what happened to her.

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Very sad! This seems to be happening a lot, lately. I guess, I wonder, too, how you can just fall overboard with the high railing and such. I noticed it's on Royal Caribbean, again. I'm sure they aren't happy for all the bad publicity.

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Here in South Florida, where cruising is a major income-producing factor, any cruise-related news is considered a big story. This story was the lead story on most local TV news shows.

Once again, there are several "suspicious" things surrounding this disappearance...not the least of whch tis that her husband did not report her missing until several hours after he "discovered" she was gone.

It was pointed out that it would be extremely difficult to "fall" overboard, unless you happened to be standing on the railing..

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This is indeed sad news for Royal Caribbean. Any loss is devastating. But if you look at the entire picture, the loss is major news to us because we love cruising so much. However, if I'm not mistaken, there have not been that many missing persons from cruise ships reported.

As far as the husband not reporting his wife missing for several hours, it's not unusual for me to be away from my traveling companion for several hours. I would hate to think that another husband did his wife in and used the ship to do it.

This sounds like the makings of a horror novel, but it's real.

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