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Regal Princess' maiden voyage to Trinidad

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The Regal Princess, a 1,600-passenger ship from the Princess Cruise Line, made its maiden voyage to Trinidad yesterday.

"We're glad to see the cruise ship industry in Trinidad and Tobago is picking up," chairman of the Tourism Development Company (TDC) Charles Carvalho told the Express yesterday.

Carvalho said that 1,400 passengers arrived yesterday, most of them from North America.

He said that the decision by the cruise line to expand the number of ships visiting the country showed that "you don't need sun, sea and sand to attract tourists".

He said that the Sea Princess, another ship by the Princess Cruise Line, ports in Trinidad every other Monday and noted said that the Regal Princess will be the fifth cruise line that regularly visits this country.

Carvalho added that the Princess Cruise Line has larger vessels designed for Caribbean sailing throughout the year and he expressed the hope that one of these would be added to the ships visiting Trinidad and Tobago.

He also hoped the new development of the port would help accommodate larger vessels.

He said the Regal Princess was on a South American run ending in Rio and the TDC was looking forward to more calls from it for during the rest of the cruise ship season from October to April.

Source: Julien Neaves, Trinidad Express

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IMHO :) We just came back from Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad on the Sea Princess and I have to say I was not all impressed :(

We heard about the recent bombings (they caught the guy)

so we wanted to play in safe and take a ships excursion. We chose the city highlights and cultural show. In my opinion both were a bust because traffic was so bad (congested) that we were sitting in traffic most of the time instead of being able to stop or slowly pull up along the magnificient seven houses etc. At the park we stopped at we were bused with several people that could not walk well so our group tour was cut short. At the souvenir stop along the road side we were allowed to get out and purchase a few things but ushered back on the bus rather quickly. Once on the bus the guide decided that we would just sit there for another 15 minutes because we would be too early for the cultural show.

The cultural show was in one of the ground floor rooms of the courthouse instead of outside where most of us thought it would be. The room was hot and not well lite for taking pictures. The dancers appeared to be not well rehearsed and the 1 steel pan player could not keep the beat to the background music.

IMHO you would be better off taking a taxi to town and walking around as I saw some from the ship doing.

You may want to find out where the main shopping is and go there. The island is alot more modern then most of the islands we visited.

We heard that Tobago is the place to go so you might want to take an excursion to their sister island if time warrants. If you ask the locals on Trinidad where they go they say Tobago. Tobago is suppose to be less congested with nice beaches etc.

Trinidad is suppose to have some nice beaches according to our guide but they are on the other side of the island.

I would just do some homework before going to this island. The people did not appear to be too friendly and they don't like to have their picture taken unless you ask first. I found that out first hand when I took a picture of the vendors stands and the lady was standing there. She told me to ask before I take a picture, as we don't like to have our picture taken without being paid. I didn't even get a smile from the lady I bought some postcards from. It seemed that they wanted our money but then go away attitude, and this was right at the port.

Enough venting :) I didn't care for Trinidad as you can tell and I will not even get off the ship if in the future we stop there again.

Everyone needs to find out for themselves though because as you know what is a disaster for one is a dream for another.

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