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New Cruise Review: Sea Princess

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Schatje has submitted a review for her recent December cruise aboard the Sea Princess. Thanks schatje!! Here are some of the details of her cruise:

Sail Date: 12/03/05

Itinerary: Southern Caribbean

Entertainment: Fair

Service: Very Good

Cabin: Excellent

Food: Very Good

Overall: Very Good

Be sure to check out the review!!

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I really enjoyed reading your review.

It sounds as though once you got over got over the different styles (UK cruising vs US)you guys had a good time.

Two questions why the low score on service ? good not excellent


question 2 more about the 100pp option..explain what that is ..


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Thanks for your review. It sounds like you basically had a good time despite the difference in cruise style. I don't think I would like to do two muster drills for one cruise either.

Near the end of your review you mentioned paying $100 pp for your next cruise on Princess and that it was good for four years. Is the $100 a deposit?

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Hi Guys,

Two answer your question about the $100pp. That is a deposit to be held for up to 4 years while you decide what cruise you want to take. The deposit is for any cruise and any stateroom. It saves money up front. We had to put half the money down on 2006 cruises when we booked and that was $1000, for Carnival. The optional $100pp can only be done aboard ship before the ship comes into home port.

Summer of 2006 I will book a cruise for Dec 2007 and the $100pp will hold our booking until final payment. We will have over a year to save up the money.

Joey I did not give an excellent rating for service because things got mixed up like food orders etc. but I still enjoyed the trip.

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Thanks I enjoyed reading your review and all the Ports...I hope one day to go on a Princess Cruise..Sounds like you both enjoyed yourselves, and thats what counts..

Thanks again :smiley:

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