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ROLL CALL: Carnival Liberty 12-9-06

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Hello Everyone! THAT GUY here.................... went on the 12-10-05 sailing of the Liberty, and had a ball!!!

I had so much fun that I've decided to book the same cruise, same time next year!!! So here I am calling for all other Liberty anticipants - hoping to get a good live crowd going on here, as that really adds to the enjoyment of the building anticipation.

Let's go have the time of our lives!!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Welcome to Cruise Crazies! I'm not on your cruise, but it sounds like it will be a blast. We cruised in December of 2004, and I decided that I wouldn't cruise in December again. We had a wonderful cruise to Hawaii, but I did miss all the fun of getting ready for Christmas.

Hope you can get some people to go. Have a wonderful cruise!!!

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Greetings Everyone!!!

I have read quite a few reviews in the past, and often found myself wondering about what kind of person is writing the review. Some are more demanding than others, often according to age group, background, socio-political standing and such. Although I'm sure not everyone would want to share all of this info, I have no problem with it .....and feel somewhat compelled to propose a new review-writing etiquette.

My real name is Chris. I am 37 years old, am single, and have never been married. I work for a law firm as their gopher. I come from a well-to-do family, but have learned to not be really fussy - I don't sweat the small stuff! However if I encounter a real problem, I will speak up.

I am confident, I am secure, I am THAT GUY!!!

Ship Layout:

I was fairly pleased with the way the ship was laid out, as the design seems quite conducive to ease of learning one's way around, and ease of actual movement around. Virtually all of the evening "hot spots" are located along the promenade deck (deck 5), as is the casino. I'm afraid I can't really get very in-depth with you on the casino because I tend to avoid gambling. Most of the daytime activity seems to go on up on the Lido deck (deck 9), where the pool areas are, as well as many of the ship's eateries. And of course, there is Carnival's SEASIDE THEATRE - the very large-screen TV poised above the main pool area. It seemed like they did CNN on it in the mornings, trivia contests and concert events in the afternoons, and movies in the evenings. Didn't see all the movies they played, but I remember seeing them run FINDING NEMO, GREASE, and THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. During some of the afternoon, they would just run various relaxing imagery (nature footage and such) when the Calypso band played in the main pool area - their stage is directly below the big screen. As one moves further from the jacuzzis & pool & big screen, the deck is tiered, allowing a significant number of people to get comfortable in deck chairs, and still have a good view of the big screen. I was always amazed at how they could maintain such good, audible sound in that area, yet keep the sound confined to this area.

I remember being quite entertained by the various design themes they gave to some of the various bars & lounges.

Probably my personal favorite was the Piano Man bar, on the Promenade deck (deck 5) near the rear of the ship. It was all done up in (what else) black and white, with piano key designs everywhere. The piano is the centerpiece of course, and is situated on a turntable which turns at the flip of a switch. The turntable & piano is encircled by a bar for people to sit around, which was also all done up with the piano key motif. The piano player was a Canadian gentleman by the name of Dwayne (sp?), and he was very classy, good humored/natured, funny, and crowd-interactive. A bit of his material is r-rated (in a very witty kinda way), so not really for kids or the easily offended - which makes it PERFECT for me!!! He would often hand over the Mike to let guests sing, and sometimes even handed over the piano to some of the more talented guests. There is no actual drink bar that you go up to in there - cocktail waiters/waitresses come take your order, and bring your drink from the back.

Here's the low-down on the food:

The buffet restaurant - EMILES (on the Lido deck between the main & aft pool areas) was only just mediocre, and for some reason the lines never seemed to be moving very well. I think this area probably has to be my biggest complaint about the ship (not that I have many). Often food was nearly cold by the time you sat down with it. Avoid the hash browns at breakfast - they were CONSISTENTLY below par.

For dinner, I had the late seating in the Golden Olympian dining room. I found the food in there to be FAR superior - very good quality, and very nicely presented. I had a team of two waitresses who were both absolutely wonderful! I would have brought them home with me if I could have! They both had a very warm and friendly demeanor, and quickly picked up on the fact that I'm a pretty playful person and matched my pace right away.

Now I'm sure by now you've probably read about Harry's - the reservations only supper club? In my opinion, it is DEFINATELY worth the extra 30 bucks to go try that out one night. Our group from the roll call board for 12-10-05 (different board) arranged to all go there together one night on our cruise, and I can truly say that I had the very best meal of my life there! It really is top-notch!

I didn't really sample too many of the other eateries on the ship, but I did get an appetizer many evenings before dinner at the sushi bar - that was pretty good. I did try the pizza from the 24 hour pizzeria one night but I was fairly snookered at the time, so not sure how to report on that!

Never went to the fish & chips place or the grill as there were usually really long lines at those around normal mealtimes, and I'm not standing in big long lines on my cruise!

As for room service, I haven't a clue on that one either because I was always too eager to get out and about when awake!

Speaking of rooms, mine was an inside stateroom on deck 6 (6477), which was just fine with me because I was almost right over the piano man bar - very nicely located in my book!!! I was traveling solo, and opted to get my own room. I'll be doing that again. Bedding is quite nice - nicer than one might expect to find on a Carnival cruise ship. My cabin stewardess was very pleasant, always courteous, respectful, and accomodating. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy and convenient the operation of the shower was. And there was this dispenser filled with this wonderful green tea/cucumber body wash ...............had I known about this, I wouldn't have brought along any soap!!! Can't report on the shampoo as I keep my head shaven. I did notice that drainage from the showers does tend to get backed up a bit, but no biggie. Just remember to try to keep that shower curtain inside the lip of the shower!!! Otherwise you'll have water EVERYWHERE........ but that's just common sense I think the only complaint I had about my room was that I could only find one electrical outlet, so you might want to think about bringing a power strip if you have multiple things to plug in.

There are several other amenities on board which I haven't mentioned, simply because I didn't check those areas out - such as Spa Carnival, Camp Carnival (I have no kids), the whole photography outfit, nor did I book any shore excursions (I usually like to do my own thing).

I hope you all find this helpful, and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions. If I don't have an answer for you, I'm sure I'll know where to find it! Take care all!!! :cool:

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Sounds like you are a fun guy and go with the flow...I think that is what cruising is about enjoying yourself and not sweating the small stuff..We are booking a cruise for January so December would be out.....too close to Christmas with all the family obligations, shopping, etc. Have a great time but it looks like you do that.

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