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We booked our excursions

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We are doing the "Hell, Turtle Farm and Stingray City" tour in Grand Caymen and the "Black River Jungle Tour" in Mo Bay. We figure we will just wander around and enjoy the shopping in Cozumel - that's where we want to spend the most money - to help out their economy any way can. Anyone been there recently - how bad is it?

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We loved GC, wish we had more time to wander around after our Tour, I posted more pics of GC under Happy Saturday..

Only thing I've read is that Cozumel is still quite a mess and many people are surprised that its open for ships, just what I've read..

I hope you have a wonderful time :wink:

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A short, three dollar, taxi ride will take you right to the heart of San Miguel, the island’s only town. A walk through town, with a stop at Carlos and Charley’s, or Senor Frog’s, and a little shopping is the order of the day. One rule: Never (almost) pay the price that is asked. The local merchant’s expect you to barter and are disappointed if you don’t….

For beautiful black coral jewelry, at ridiculously low prices, check out Roberto’s Black Coral Jewelry. Roberto is a true artist, and has black coral sculptures on display, also.

alt textIt’s located at the corner of 5th Ave. Sur and Calle A. Rosado Salas. Go to the top of the Plaza del Sol (the big park in the center of San Miguel) and make a right on 5 Ave. It’s aboput 4 blocks down 5 Ave. on the left.

My favorite place to go, in Cozumel, is Parqeo Chankanaab, about ten dollars from the dock. Chankanaab is a complex built around Chankanaab Lagoon. It has an archeological park with Mayan, Aztec, Olmec and other pre-Columbian artifacts, all along a path that winds through a ‘tropical jungle.’

alt text

There is a beach, where you can rent snorkel gear ($6.00-U.S.) and go snorkeling at one of the best sights in any of the ports, located just a few feet offshore. There’s a botanical garden, and a path around the lagoon from which you can view the reef fish, without even getting your feet wet. Admission is ten bucks, American.

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Its great looking forward to your day trips, we pre-booked a couple of excursions & it helped the anticipation.

Will you do us a favour & let us know what Chankanaab Park is like after the damage (if you dont visit it could you just ask someone please?)



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How do I remember this place come April and then again in November???

Does Roberto’s Black Coral Jewelry have a website?

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