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Will I make my 11:45am Flight???

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Hi jlee2070

I dont understand your question .. are you flying into MIA at 11:45? out of MIA at 11:45? Is MIA disembarkation or is FLL?

IF I take it that you are flying out of MIA and your ship docks in MIA i would think 11:45 should be fine..

IF your docking in FLL dont know if I would have booked that early..

If you are flying INTO MIA day of embarkation 11:45AM you should be fine with a 5 pm sail time.

If I didnt answer your question...I'm sorry..... :smiley:

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It will be tight, but if you get off the ship promptly, you should have no problem. We missed a flight one time out of Miami, 11:50 AM. But we missed our call and screwed around for about an hour.

Do you have ship's transfers or are you doing it yourself?

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This for departing Miami... We are considering doing this on our own as RCCL probably charges a premium for their services. I spoke with RCCL, they don't recommend any flight prior to Noon.

Anybody know what the cost of a shuttle from MIA to the Port is? Which shuttle company is the best or maybe a taxi is better? I will have 4-5 persons for this ride.

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The cost for a shuttle from MIA to the port is $17/person, right outside the airport, as you walk out the door.

Truthfully, I think 11;45am is way too early for a flight back home. You never know when the ship will encounter customs problems and you won't be able to get off the ship. Remember you should be at the airport 2 hours before takeoff. Is there any flight you can take that's later?

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Based on personal experience, I had difficulty making an 11:35 AM flight out of Miami because customs took so long to clear the ship. You have to locate your shuttle once you leave the terminal and pray that you don't have traffic problems. Traffic sometimes gets tangled right there at the pier as you're trying to leave.

You have to be at the airport at least one hour before the flight. The last time I got to the airport from the Port of Miami, the lines were really long and then I had to go and wait to go through security.

You may make it, but I do a later flight to be on the safe side.

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Yes, Miami is that bad. After my nightmare experience in attempting to make an 11:35 AM flight, I will always try to book after 12:30.

I had actually booked a flight for 12:35 PM but the airlines changed cancelled that flight and booked me on an 11:35 AM. The cruise line assured me that I would be able to make the 11:35 AM flight, but they did not anticipate having a problem with customs that morning.

I imagine that most mornings disembarkation is uneventful. But, when six ships are docked at the port on the same day, that's a lot of people to transport to the airport.

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