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Roll Call Celebrity Millennium 10/29/2006

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I suppose the cova cafe is the coffee spot???

If so, i am sure you will find us there. Paul is a big coffee nut. me, i am a newbie to the coffee scene but we do love to sit and enjoy the relaxing, people watching scene.

Hey, Joey... your job is just beginnning :grin:

we figure you are our own personal cruise / social director for this trip :grin:

didn't know you had to come out of retirement for the millie group, did you?

hee, hee :grin: :grin: :grin:

Tonia- congrats on the Docs... doing a jig for you right now. and i hear tony and Jackie are doing the salsa for you. :grin: :grin:

YES, Kareen.... the Excitement is definitely building! Yipeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


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COFFEE COFFEE OH YA .... i have to have a java fix

morning noon night anytime.. i love the stuff

any coffee shop around me knows me

and fruit smoothies


AND excuse me your job is done LOL LOL

are we on barcelona yet are we on the ship nooo

so your job is not done LOL



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I'm a Hot Chocolate lover also -- coffee is not my thing either - flavored or not.

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You asked about a week ago (I just saw it) if we were going to the festival in Girona. We are arriving in Barcelona on the morning of the 26th and plan to rent a car and go up the coast and to Girona, maybe on Saturday the 28th.

Tell me about the festival.

Gail R

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As I post this it is 2:09pm Barcelona time embarkation Day for the passengers that are heading to Venice... soon they will be us<]. :grin:

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