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Roll Call Celebrity Sumitt 01/20/2007

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After our transit thru the Canal we will be allowed to tender into Fuerte Amador...I see the "classic" tours that Celebrity has to offer and was wondering if anyone had any suggestion as to what to do there? ANY and all will be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Joey (and David),

Yes, I'm the same half of the cruising team that will be on the 01/20/2007 trip from FLL. I've missed your posts on the "other" site, so have come over to join the group. (Betty has gone incognito!) We are still looking forward to the trip despite the rash of Celebrity bashing that is now taking place. Interesting fact: Way back when, Betty christened a launch/pilot boat for the then Canal Zone. I made a few inquiries, and she is still in service and used as a launch to carry linesmen to the ships. Hopefully, we'll have the opportunity to see her!

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Very Very Cool...... I tried to get Jean( to stop over here .. but she doesn't want to join us I guess.. this site here as will see is the most respectful bunch of people from all walks of life... I am really glad that you joined us here .. and hope to see you posting in ALL the forums .. I know YOU have some valuable tips to share with everyone!

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Morning, Joey --

Actually, I haven't devoted much research to ports, yet. As I am a lounge lizzard, couch potato, etc. who is a firm believer in A/C, I try to avoid beaches. So far I focused only on the canal where we are considering seriously the domed train ride, and something in Costa Rica that includes the rain forests. I'm still leaning towards the excursions sponsored by Celebrity -- with the recent widely-reported non-Celebrity-sponsored excursion problems still in mind. I guess the final list will be out in July. Nevertheless, I am open to any suggestions, reccommendations, etc.

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well the dome car thingy We looked into it also.. and from what i was told it really didn't pay to purchase the upper level.. but in all fairness I did not get that may people offering feedbacks one way or the other...

Costa Rica i am really looking forward to maybe some sort of Jungle experience..

And as far as AC goes.LOL.. i don't like to perspire :rolleyes: ........did you guys get Anne Vi pond's book?? ....best 20 bucks i spent planning for this cruise

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