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What to do in Progreso?

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sewut51, there's no such thing as a typical kid; each one has likes and dislikes. Had we been able to travel with our older son when he was 10 (which we couldn't do because of his handicapped brother), he would have loved going to a Maya ruin or a folkloric performance, would have hated going to a beach or going kayaking. Best of all, he would have loved trying Mexican foods. Other kids would have been just the opposite. You need to tell us Crazies what he likes.

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sewut, I don't recall if this is a surprise for your grandson or if he knows about the trip. Perhaps you can narrow down a few excursions and then let him choose? I have a feeling that he is looking forward to spending time with you more than anything, though. :smiley:

teacp, the tour you described sounds great!

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We just received the permission documents from his father this weekend, so we felt it was safe to tell him. He is so excited. He and his brother are spending the summer with us as my daughter is taking chemo. She just had stomach cancer surgery. I can't wait to experience it all through his eyes. Now we need another brochure to drool over. There's not enough to go around.


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  • 3 years later...

This reply is probably too late to do any good here, but maybe for someone else it will be useful. As I recall it, there's not much of anything in Progreso itself. They may have added some tourist attractions to the area to garner some US cash, but the things to see are between Progreso and Merida. You need an excursion to go there (although there is a local bus if you are strapped for cash - it will cost about 1/50th of the excursion price. The real sight to see is Chicen Itza, and it's worth a few hours. There is also Uxmal, which is smaller but more striking in architecture. Uxmal also has a fully restored ball court and a Chac Mool in excellent condition. Chichen Itza has a replica of the Jade Mask in the main pyramid (the real one is in Mexico City). Also, the excursions require a good pair of legs, as the climb up the pyramids is steep (Uxmal even steeper).

Hope this does somebody some good.

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