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Local Woman Lobbies for Cruise Defibrillators

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(WCCO) Minneapolis A Cottage Grove, Minn. woman is on a mission to put defibrillators on every floor of every cruise ship.

"I feel if I just move on and stop, I won't be a voice for that gentleman," said Gail Pattain.

Pattain was on her first cruise when a man collapsed in front of her. The registered nurse rushed to try to save his life. But now Pattain can't stop thinking about what would have happened had a defibrillator been near by.

Gail Pattain was supposed to be on the trip of a lifetime, heading to Hawaii on a Norwegian cruise line ship to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary. Halfway through the trip, the registered nurse watched as a 70 year old man collapsed.

"I said Kevin no one's doing anything or checking him out," said Pattain, who works at Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury, Minn.

"It's not unlike her, went right away provided medical assistance to him," said Kevin Pattain, Gail's husband.

"During the course of providing CPR he vomited several times, my primary goal was saving his live," said Pattain.

Gail yelled for a defibrillator several times, but says she never saw one. The man did die and for Gail the rest of the cruise was tough.

"I tried calling the front desk several times and of course I was concerned about my health," said Pattain.

After the cruise, Gail spoke to the Cruise Line's medical director who says there were three defibrillators on board. They just weren't in the area where the man collapsed.

Our attempts to contact Norwegian Cruise Lines were unsuccessful. The cruise line does address guests with special needs on their website, but as for medical care they only say there is a doctor on the ship.

Ironically it was her own doctor here in the Twin Cities, Dr. Kevin Peterson who helped her get in touch with the victim's wife and made sure she was tested for any communicable diseases.

Pattain has contacted a few members of congress to introduce a bill that would require defibrillators on every floor of a cruise ship.

Source: Sue Turner, MMVI CBS Broadcasting Inc

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1) You would think NCL would have helped in getting someone who provided assistance checked out.

2) The portable Defib units are very easy to use now with step by step instructions. My company gave classes on them.

They are places about the building so one is no more than 200 feet away from just about everyone in the building.

3) They should have them on each floor alternatively in the stairwell / elevator area so they are easily accessable.

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How large and heavy are these things?

If they are a manageable size and weight, what's the big deal about putting them wherever possible.

3 of them on a cruise ship? That's absurd. Every 200 feet sounds like a plan.

Hats off to Gail Pattain, not only for her attempt to save this man's life , but also for her mission.

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thanks, JOey. At that size, I don't see why they wouldn't have one any place it could be stored. At least a couple on every floor. I'm really surprised that something so important like this, is not a priority.

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The cost of it probably prevents more people from owning them , although, nothing is too expensive when it comes to saving your own life. Kind of like insurance - pay alot and hope you never need to use it. HOw much do these things cost? Any idea?

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