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Main difference between Caribbean & European Cruis

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Main difference between Caribbean & European Cruise

Hi their, I’m 27, single & new to cruising, I wanted to know the following:

1. what is the main difference between a European & Caribbean RCI Cruise.

2. I’m planning to go to Barcelona, do you recommend a 7 days RCI for me?

I’m a Basketball player, love to travel & meet new friends….If this helps

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:cool: Lots of differences I think. For starters Carib. cruises have more American passengers vs. European cruises which have fewere Americans and more Europeans. The atmosphere is a bit different too. In the Carib. it is less formal, more casual. The cruise line can make a difference too. We took a 7 days cruise on RCI from Barcelona on the Splendour. Carnival has a 7 day cruise too on the Liberty I think which is new and has gotten very ggod reviews. I am not certain if its still in Europe however. It may be in the Carib. now but the ship line matters too. Obviously the port stops are very different and the shore excursions will be much more in Europe. If you like to meet people may I suggest geting a table for 8-10. barcelona is a really cool city so a stay there for a few days pre or post cruise is a good idea. Cheers. Larry :cool:

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In addition, because Europeans, especially in the Mediterranean, eat later (they work till 7pm after the midafter noon siesta) some of the cruise lines adjust their dining hours over there to reflect that, with the second seating closer to 9pm.

NCL's Norwegian Jewel also sails from Barcelona, with their freestyle dining (anytime the restaurant is open, from 5:30-10pm), and only one optional formal night. 10 different restaurants, not more than 4 with cover charges (steakhouse, teppanyaki, french bistro, etc.)

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