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What do you Crazies think about this?

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We started a roll call for our Princess cruise a few months ago on the site that we only visit for that reason. At the present time we have about 50 folks in our group and we plan on meeting at the sail away. One of our group contacted Princess for a ship sponsored get together and the following price list was emailed to her:

My only comment was: Since toilet paper is not on the list, does that mean we have to provide our own?


Item# Description Price

9010 Pre-paid, One-hour, Open Bar $12 per person

9011 Pre-paid, One-hour, Open Bar-premium $15 per person

9012 Pre-paid, One-hour, Open Bar-non-Alcoholic $ 7 per person

9017 No Host Bar N/A

9015 Open Bar ? bill escort on consumption

9035 Complimentary Cocktail Party N/A

9138 Wine and Cheese Party, One-hour $10 per person

(California Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon &Zinfandel)

9014 Wine Package Per occasion $ 8 per person

(California Chardonnay &Cabernet Sauvignon)

9050 15% Gratuities N/A


9101 AA Assorted Cold Canapés * $ .70 each

(Ham, Smoked Salmon, Salami, Tuna Mousse, Cheese Mousse, Bay Shrimp)

9102 BB Deluxe Cold Canapés * $ .95 each

(Golden Caviar, Smoked Salmon, Pate de Foie, Prosciutto, Shrimp)

9103 CC Chilled Shrimp on Ice * $1.20 each

(Served with Cocktail Sauce)

9104 DD Caviar on Ice w/melba toast Market Price

(1 oz. Osetra with Condiments and Melba Toast)

9021 EE Assorted Hot Mexican Canapés * $ .95 each

9107 GG Meatballs in Tomato Sauce * $ .70 each

9108 HH Cocktail Sausages in Crust * $ .70 each

9109 II Assorted Hot Petite Bouche * $1.25 each

(with Bay Shrimp or Crab Meat Financiere)

9110 JJ Assorted Hot Canapés * $ .95 each

9022 PP Vegetarian Spring Rolls w/sauce * $ .95 each

(Served with Sweet and Sour Sauce)


9106 FF Potato Skins/Chicken Wings (serves 15) $30 tray

9111 KK Imported &Domestic Cheese (serves 15) $12 tray

(with Crackers and garnished with Fresh Fruit)

9112 LL Fresh Vegetable Platter w/cheese dip (serves 15) $15 tray

9113 MM Fresh Fruit in Watermelon Crown (serves 15) $20 tray

9114 NN Guacamole Dip w/tortilla chips (serves 15) $20 tray

(freshly made Avocado Dip)

9115 RR Melon and Prosciutto (serves 15) $20 tray

* Minimum order is 30 pieces


9223 Private Group Wine Tasting (min 30 pax) $9.50 per person

(5 wines from around the world, 45 min. speech, crackers)

Sauvignon Blanc Nobilo, New Zeland/Chardonnay, Robert Mondaval Private Selection USA/ Pinot Noir, Byron, Sierra Madre, USA/Cabernet Sauvignon, Sylvester Klara Reserve, USA/Quady Essensla, Dessert Wine

9224 High-End Wine Tasting (min 16 pax) $25 per person

Mumm Cordon Rouge, Brut, Reims, France/ Chassagne-Montrachet, France/ Chardonnay, Cuvaison, Carneros, Napa Valley, USA/ Brunello di Montalcino DOCG ? Pieve di San Sigismondo, Italy/ Cabernet Sauvignon-Jack London Vineyard, Kenwood, USA/Robert Mondavi &Baron Philippe Rothschild?s Opus 1

9334 "Bring Your Own" wine tasting service fee $3.75 per person

(includes corkage fee, min. 30 pax)

Bar Packages

0519 Beverage Package-Wine &Bar* $45.00 pp/per day

0520 Wine Beverage Package-Lunch &Dinner* $25.00 pp/per day

0521 Wine Beverage Package-Dinner Only* $20.00 pp/per day

0522 Bar Beverage Package-Bar only* $25.00 pp/per day

0523 Soft Drink Package (minimum 5 day cruise) * ** $3.95 pp/per day

**15% Gratuity will be added

*Minimum of 30 passengers, purchase for entire group, not available for individual passengers. Minimum 5 day cruise.


Item# Description Price

9201 Fiesta Party (one hour) * $18 per person

Margaritas, Dos Equis plus gratuity

Guacamole Dip/Salsa with Tortilla Chips

Crispy Chicken Taquitos

9202 Sports Night (one hour) * $18 per person

All American Beer ? Budweiser, Miller, Coors plus gratuity

Pepperoni Pizza, Potato Skins, Chicken Wings

Fresh fruit, Pretzels and Chips

9203 Tropical Paradise (one hour) * $18 per person

Daiquiris, Pina Coladas, Rum Punch plus gratuity

Scallop and Shrimp Turnovers

Deep-Fried Stuffed Jalapenos, Chicken Wings,

Fresh fruit, Celery Sticks and Blue Cheese Dip

* Minimum of 30 passengers



Item# Description Price

9305 Microphone $ 5 per meeting

9306 Microphone, cordless $10 per meeting

9316 Microphone,lavaliere (not on list) $20 per meeting

9310 Podium $ 5 per meeting

9311 Podium with microphone $10 per meeting

9312 Podium with cordless microphone $15 per meeting

9315 VCR with monitor $30 per meeting

9320 Slide projector w/screen $20 per meeting

9325 Overhead Projector w/screen $20 per meeting

9326 Video Camera $25 per meeting

9341 Portable LCD Projector $40 per meeting

9332 Laptop Computer $40 per day

9333 Printer $10 per day

(Includes Parallel, Serial Cables, Power Lead, copies of Windows

Install Disks, Full Paper Cartridge)

9330 Hospitality Desk (with flipchart, pad) $10 per day

9335 Flip Chart with pad $ 5 per day

9313 Cassette Player (not on list) no charge

9337 A.V. Cart (not on list) no charge

9338 Portable screen (not on list) no charge

9339 6-foot skirted table (not on list) no charge

9340 Pens/paper (not on list) no charge


Item# Description Prices

9123 Coffee and Tea Party $6.00 per person

(includes Hot Beverages, Cookies, Danish, Finger Sandwiched)

9121 Coffee and Tea service w/danish $3.50 per person

9144 Coffee and Tea service w/cookies $2.00 per person

9122 Coffee and Tea service only $1.50 per person

9347 Afternoon Tea (high tea) $6 per person

9117 Coke (per can) $2 per person

9118 Diet Coke (per can) $2 per person

9119 Sprite (per can) $2 per person

9145 Diet Sprite (per can) $2 per person

9120 Non-alcoholic punch/fruit juices $1.50 per person

9147 Water 0.5 $1.95 per bottle

9148 Water 1.5 $2.95 per bottle

9142 Ice Cream Social (sundae?s items) $7.00 per person

9146 Assorted Desserts prices will vary


9344 Photocopies, regular (up to 60 copies) $.07 per copy

9345 Photocopies, regular ( 61 + copies) $.05 per copy

9346 Typesetting $60 per hour

9141 Customized Menus (dinner only) * $1 per copy

9140 Customized Invitations * $.40 per invitation

* minimum order is 50


0506 Pre-paid cabin delivery (documents) $.20 per item/cabin

0506 Pre-paid cabin delivery (large items) $.50 per item/cabin

0505 Pre-paid Hotel &Dining Charge $10 person, per day

0507 Master Account not applicable

(All master accounts must be settles onboard prior to disembarkation)



9307 Karaoke Machine w/staff member $80 per hour

9308 Disc Jockey $80 per hour

9132 Pianist $80 per hour

9131 Musical Group (per musician) $50 per hour

9314 Portable keyboard $40 per meeting

9342 Portable CD Player no charge

9317 DVD Player (not on all ships) $30 per meeting


9130 Photographer $50 per hour

9227 Pre-paid Group Photo (8x10) 1-19* $14.95 per photo

9228 Pre-paid Group Photo (8x10) 20-99 * $12.50 per photo

9229 Pre-paid Group Photo (8x10) 100 + * $10 per photo

* no refunds on prepaid group photos/Framing available onboard


Item# Description Prices

9302 Organized Casino Activities Call for quote

(Example: Tournaments, Fun Money with upfront fee)

9303 Ping Pong and Basketball Tournaments $10 per person

0513 Beach Olympics $15 per person and up

(starting price listed, prices may vary, includes Staff member)

9309 Technician $50 per hour

9139 Sheet Cake (minimum 30 pax-ok for 16 plus) $1.50 per person

9124 Ice carving (per block) $80 each

9343 Staff Member $50 per hour

9127 Speciality Cake price may vary

(9" $65(12pax)/ 14" $95 (18 pax) / 16" $125 (24 pax)

9336 Speaker $80 per hour

9013 Misc. account

DINING OPTIONS (cover charges)

0400 Sabatini?s $20 per person

0401 Sterling Steakhouse $15 per person

0402 Bayou Café/Steakhouse $15 per person

0403 Southwestern Grill/Steakhouse $15 per person

0404 Group Dinners call for quote

(Customized menus available for additional fees, food prices subject to menus selections)

9125 Corkage Fee $10 per bottle

_________ :shocked: :shocked:

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I saw that.......pretty tacky IMHO. If a group wants to get together why can't they just provide coffee, water, ice tea. It's free throughout the ship. You don't really need anything else just a place to meet. We'll be doing our own get together on Princess.

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Welcome to the real world guys. Just got off the Coral Princess and we had around 70 CC'ers in board and some of them pleaded with Princess for months. No go.

We had our gathering and bought our own drinks, no big deal.

Same thing on our upcoming Crown Princess cruise over 175 in the group and nothing.

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Oh my goodness.... unbelievable!!!! I love Princess - but who would have thought?

The best catered party we've had was with RCCL - so many appetizers & canapes - NO CHARGE!!!!!!

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