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Opinions please Captain's table issue

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Our trip on the Adventure was our 25th on RCI. We have never been asked to eat with the Captain or any other officer. Please tell me what you would do in this scenerio........

Received an invitation to the Captain's table.

1. We only had 7 hours notice and we were in Aruba an all day port (this was the day chosen because the 2nd formal night was for the Quince's at Sea)

2. My DD is 19 years old and a Crown and Anchor member as well with nearly 20 cruises, but she was not invited to dinner with the Captain.

OK What do you all think of this situation? The 3 of us shared a cabin.

I'll tell you what we did soon..........I just want unbiased answers before I tell all.

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:cool: My answer is along the lines of Joeys. I would have explained that my DD is with us, has cruised 20 times and asked if I could bring her as well and stat what Joey said about her dining alone. Its a very reasonable request and I would hope they would see your rationale. If they could not accomodate this I would have to decline. Thats my answer. :cool:

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Based on just number 1 (7 hours notice, and Aruba), I suspect most people do not get much more notice, but if you already had plans for that night, I could see you declining.

Based on just number 2, (Omitting your daughter), I would have called guest relations and explained that we were travelling with our daughter and would need to dine with her. Since she was over 18, they may have had her on a separate record, but since she was rooming with you, it was certainly peculiar that they didn't think that you were a party of three. They probably would not have had enough room at the table for her, so I would decline.

Based on both the conditions together, I am guessing you asked for a raincheck!

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If you had early dinner with the captain that would be a tough one to get ready. You would have to decide which meant the most ...spending time in Aruba or dining with the captain

As for your daughter not being invited...if it were me, I would not leave my daughter to dine alone unless she had friends or someone that she wanted to dine with...if she didn't have anyone to dine with...I would call the social director or whoever sent the invitation and tell them that we have our 19-year-old daughter with us and she would love the opportunity to dine with the captain...if they said they only had so many couples invited or whatever their setup...I would graciously decline.

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I would decline on the basis there were 3 people in the party. And to be frank, although dining at the captain's table would be great for braging rights, we've only had one captain so far that I would be able to understand what I'm sure would be great stories LOL.

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