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Cruise tips or secrets?

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Especially for new cruisers there seems to be so many little things that are never advertised by the cruise lines. Let's share these tips or secrets with one another. I'll start:

Ordering breakfast from the menu they place in your cabin - you do not have to stick to this format, you can write in or add anything that they serve in the diningroom and they will bring it for you.

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I always 'scope out' the buffet, before getting on line. That way, I don't fill my plate up at the beginning and miss something I really want at the end. In fact, the way the buffets are set up, the cheap/filling stuff is usually at the beginning; salads, pastas, etc; The carving station is usually the last thing you come to.

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On Holland America they serve Hors D'oerurvres in the lounges before diner. If you like raw veggies, as we do, just ask and they will bring them.

We've said this before, the one all newcomers should be aware of: Stand up before flushing!

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The only thing I can say is . . .

If you have kids or a pet, don't forget to have someone watch them before you go.

On a more serious note, I like to bring at least 100 one dollar bills and about a hundred in fives, and another in 10s. When you are dealing vendors, many of them don't have change for larger anounts of money on purpose. They either want you to buy more, or just take what you have. . .

- it makes me feel so rich when I have a wad of ones!

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Keith and Rita I love that one! LOL

The drinks that they serve in the fancy glasses are about $9. You can get the same thing at any bar without the glass much cheaper. Also don't take the drink (unless it's free champagne) from the server that's always close by when you board......it isn't free.

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Nothing in life is EVER absolutely perfect and neither will a cruise be....but, if you just go with the flow and look for things to enjoy, you'll have a super cruise.

Also, the waiters, cabin stewards, etc work hard to make our cruise special...treat them with respect and tip them well!

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