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first time cruiser, advice or comments welcome

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thanks all for your replies, gottacruz, no that is not me but he looks comfortable if i have a chance for that position maybe ill take it.

thanks lisa63, and for hazelson, we actually got back from west wendover last night, its a small town but fun for short period of time 2 days tops. :wink:

Surfside Traveler: we are flying to dallas fort worth, staying a day or so with my wife's brother and his wife, then we are all driving to Galvaston from there house and cruise from Galvaston. :grin:

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Welcome cruiserwannabees! :wink:

We have cruised out of Galveston for 7 Years now, Go down early so you can enjoy the Island and eat at the good Seafood Restaurants I suggest Willie Gs at Pier 21, Holiday InnSunsprree Resort on Seawall Blvd with a Balcony overlooking the Ocean, a Great Bar outside overlooking the Ocean! Book a Tour for each port of call maybe a tour of the Island maybe a scuba dive or snorkeling paeasailing! You can make a short look around the shops but Cozumel is the best for shopping and Bartering the Caymans are fixed prices and also Jamaica as well! Its extremely humid and hot in the tropics as well! Look and see what tours the ship has to offer there are private tours on the Ilsand but if you dont get back in time for departure you will be left behind! :tongue: Just go by your instincts! They have a casino onboard if you like Gambling play the slots as well! Just enjoy and if theres anything else about Galveston just ask! Happy Cruising and best regards! :wink:

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Hello Cruiserwannabees!

I too am from Utah and have just returned from the same cruise you are going on this past Sunday. Scirocco and I were on the same ship. We were not on the Conquest, but saw it in all the ports we were at. There was even a time we were side by side heading home. It is a beautiful ship and I have pictures, both day and night.

I feel like I have a lot of things I can tell you that will help your experience be a good one. I think we both have the same challenges being from the same area in transportation.

Please PM me and I would love to tell you what I have learned. I think being prepared to know what to expect can only enhance your fun, especially with the not so fun parts of traveling such as shuttles and off shore excoursions.


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