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Holiday or Fantasy

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Hey everyone! Hope you remember me. I had to cancel my planned end-of-July cruise on the Conquest... I couldn't afford to make the final payment so we got our deposit back. now we're saving up for a shorter cruise and when we have the full amount we'll pay in full at that point!

We're in the Austin area so Galveston is really convenient. I am trying to decide upon a 5 day and need help! LOL. The deal is we really have to drive for budget reasons, and DH only gets a week vacation. The mobile/Holiday trips are the most affordable, and the New orleans/Fantasy next and the Galveston/Ecstasy the most expensive :(

I'd done all my research on the Conquest and now am starting from scratch. anyone have experiece with either -- or Both!! -- of these ships? I could sure use some first hand experience. The 2 hours add'l driving to Mobile is a bummer, but, doable especially if it's a great diff in price. The places I've been comparing have a trip (total fare/taxes for all three of us) at:

Holiday, Aug 13, ov: 1225 *

Holiday, Aug 18, OV : 962

Fantasy, Aug 11, ov: 1595 *

Fantasy, Aug 20, ov: 1300

I'd really rather have the work days off be Aug 13-17 which is these two *. But that Aug 18 one is really a great deal.

In the words of the Fifth Element "Pleeese HHelp" :-)


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Hey everyone! Hope you remember me.

In the words of the Fifth Element "Pleeese HHelp" :-)


Hi sherry sure we remember you ...

I have always been a person that if everything is equal i let the Itinerary make the call... is there a Port of call that one has that the other doesn't that you guys want to see?

Thanks, Joey! Well, the 5 dayers out of the Gulf all seem to have the same basic stops. 1 is always Cozumel, and the other is either Calica / Costa Maya / Progresso ... The stops themselves are all about the same to us. I've spent some time in Mexico before, no real touristy places though (unless DF counts :P) Anywhichahoo, what I'm trying to say in a roundabout way, is, the port choices don't matter so much to me as the ship, length, embarkation point and cost :-) I'll enjoy whatever port we go to!

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As long as the ports choices don't matter, I'd say to choose the embarkation point that is most convenient for you and the best price. You will have a great cruise no matter which ship you end up on. ONce you're on the ship and enjoying yourselves you won't be thinking of anything except that you're on a cruise. Enjoy yourselves and remember to post your cruise date to our calendar is you haven't already done so . That way we can all wish you Bon voyage.Of course, that's just my opinion.

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Thanks!! It's your opinions I was after ya know ;-)

I decided on the Aug 13th Holiday. !!! Yay. It gives us a plenty of time before and after to do the drive leisurely. Plus I think we may leave from San Antonio on the Saturday a.m. and enjoy a 2 night New Orleans vacation prior to the cruise. We can then get up Monday morning in new orleans and have plenty of time to drive directly to the port in mobile. So, TWO vacations in one!

Of course, with our 7 year old along, this will be a different NOLA vacation than when we were single ;-)

whew!! Now I can start actually enjoying planning the trip! (Like I was doing before my earlier cruise got derailed. I was SOOOO disappointed! I wanted to come here and cry but thought I'd spare you my tears :P)


Sherry, the once again VERY excited, cruiser-to-be

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