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how well is security on cruise ships

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A report came out on June 29th 2007 about security on cruise ships

from ABC news saying that they gave the cruise industry a 2 out of a 10 rating for security.

Most ships only have a 5 person team for security and most of them are not trained well. A

ABC news man took a 4 day cruise out of Miami (did not say what ship) and got parts on

board to make a bomb and a ABC news man took a 7 day cruise out of new york again

they did not say what ship and got parts on board to make a bomb and a gun.

So how safe are we on cruises? Once out of port who will help us if we need help?

The coast guard is there only when the ships are within 150 miles of US waters and if the countries the ships

are in allow it. what do you think?????????????<]

Fell safer? I do not.

But they did say that there are changes going on this year so we will see i just hope no pray

that it will not be to late. I'am going on a 7 night cruise in Sept hope it is safer by then.

I have never had any problems on my other cruises before but after reading that it made me think

about my safety and others.

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FrostyBoy, I can tell you what would make me feel safer, but I wIll be in the major-minority here. I would feel safer if I had the means to protect myself and my loved ones. Hubby and myself are both licensed to carry a concealed handgun, and are registered as an expert marksman (him) and a sharp shooter (I). Okay, I am not suggesting that people be able to carry them all over the ship, but I think if there were a few people onboard who had them in their safes and could be called on should the need arise (and the passenger proved to be sober!!!) - you know, kind of like the air marshall's on planes and no one really knows who they are. After the Va. Tech tragedy, one college here in Colorado, did make it legal for those who had gone thru the safety courses and passed the shooting test and strict background checks, to have a firearm in their possession on school grounds. The general concensus was that there would be people who were trained and equipped to stop the rampage. As this is never going to happen onboard, I will have to put myself in God's hands and pray that good will triumph over someone evil who is hell-bent on destruction. Okay, let the bashing begin, but please keep on mind that as of this writing, I am under the influence of a sleeping pill and a muscle relaxer!!!!

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Nope not going to bash you! I respect your opinion! We here in New Hampshire have a motto that is on our Lic. plate.....Live Free Or Die....

Lots of us carry guns up here & I think that is why that kinda crime is low. You never know who has a gun up here, and is carrying it.

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I think the main concern is to get everybody on and off the ship as quick as possible and get the thing cleaned. Seeing as I smuggled a few bottles of booze on board my cruise and 5 cartons of cigaretts when I was only allowed to declare 2 when I was getting off, I figured it wasn't exactly fort knox.

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I agree with most of what you said although I hate guns..........I just hope I am not in your company Cheryl if you are carrying a gun and are under the influence of sleeping pills and muscle relaxers. I wouldn't want to pi$$ you off........lmao

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I am in complete agreement with Gregswife. Unfortunately, my state (Illinois) will probably never know this luxury of self defense. Anyway, I felt safe on my last cruise. I guess it is matter of perspective and living your life without that driven fear.

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