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What do you do on a rainy day at sea?

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Between the games they have inside the ship to do.

The wife and I bring cards to play our continuing game of 500 Rummy.

And she has a game of tiles based on this also - "Rummy-O".

Which she spanks - smacks - kicks and generally runs me over playing.

Last trip it was at a 9 to 2 count on her side.

Sit out in the Sushi resturant and have card or board fun.

Someone always walks by to chat to.

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No problem. Sleep late, wander around the ship, art auction, no bingo or casino, we live in Las Vegas, and know the odds all too well. Usually a little reading and a nap. In general, just kick back. :happy:

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I do pretty much the same things I do when the sun is shining.

Sleep late, room service coffee, read a little on the balcony. Then have breakfast somewhere. Have a Bloody Mary - find a quiet place to watch the sea and read. Maybe play a little Trivia, drop a dime or two at the casino. Take a nice nap. Sit on the Promenade deck and people-watch. Read. Take pictures.

I stopped "sun bathing" about 10 years ago when my "summer freckles" didn't go away :ohmy: So, I might find a quiet lounge chair and sit out for 1/2 hour or so - but that's about it for shipboard water fun.....for me anyway.

I save my sunning for the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean.

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Walk around the ship/take some pic

Sit have a drink/people-watch

Read on the balcony

Eat/Nap and Eat again

Drop some quarters in the slots

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As long as the ship isn't rocking and rolling (we've had that on two cruises), rainy days at sea are great. Sleep later than usual (that means 8 a.m. or so for us, instead of 7), have a dining room breakfast instead of a buffet, browse the internet, read, find activities such as trivia, use the spa pool (well worth the money on HAL), and just veg out. For two people who used to be type A even on vacation, a rainy day is a great opportunity to do very very little. That's the height of luxury for us!

If the sea is very rough, no one will be doing much of anything.

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