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New Cruise Review: 01/14/2008

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Title :: 01/14/2008

Author :: JoeyandDavid

Category :: Monarch Of The Seas

Information ::

  • Outstanding Crew......
Description ::

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I must admit that I had the time of my life for most of this experience

This was my second of three planned voyages on the Monarch of the Seas. The third in the series is a little over 17 days away on February 4th when get to set sail again and for the last time (at least for awhile ) without DP..

I will however have the pleasure of sailing with Carmen (RNSANE) and friends of hers.

If you weren't aware The Monarch of the Seas holds the reputation of being the most "friendliest crew" in the Royal Caribbean fleet..And for the crew most part on the first two voyages the crew has lived up to it's reputation..

Breakfast in the Dinning room gave me opportunity to enjoy eggs Benedict and they were delicious

In the evening, the food was just as tasty wonderful presentations and excellent quality.

I will not name my servers because I do not want to name names and speak negatively about a team that tried so diligently although.

I will say though... they... were from time to time thru out this short 4 night cruise "Lost in the weeds" ... as they say in the restaurant industry.

Of course, Sammy the Headwaiter was always around reassuring to the duo stepping in helping when he needed to and then backing off when he should ...

What they failed in actual service skills (which they are still learning) they more than made up with their desire to please.

My room steward George McSam what can I say he just very plainly exceeded my expectations... nuff said

This cruise was the first time I was the first NEW passenger to embark...(I say NEW because they started boarding the cruise right after the ones that were doing a back to back...) I think there were 7 or 8 of them… so that was a first...

Cannot speak to entertainment I did enjoy another spa treatment with who is becoming my regular masseuse Miss Pinky..

This time She gave a seaweed treatment with scalp and back hot stone massage Pinky who was also my masseur on my first sailing she is from South Africa and I must say excellent at what she does….

I wanted to tell her about Jackie and Tony but did not know exactly where in SA they came from (Memory block I guess) so Jackie if you read this you guys lived where?

This last cruise in the series in February will also mark my tenth cruise over all I kinda like that idea... to it appropriate ... the only thing that would have made it more special would be to have David along But trust me the crew on board will ease the pain

In summary when this ship sets sails out of Port Canaveral later this year or you catch her here in San Pedro before she leaves in October and you have the chance to sail her Please do you wont be disappointed..


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Well, Joey, you know how I feel about the Monarch...she was my first RCI cruise and I've done 17 on her in a little less than thirteen years. I LOVE the crew. So you had Sammy from Honduras for your head waiter??? Looks like we'll dine with the hotel director when we're on. Captain Karen doesn't eat in the dining room. Werner Zurcher will also join us....just Claire Nelli is cruising with me. The other queens won't be there. We'll have fun, just the three of us.

So glad you had a great time.

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Great review Joey.... we might be tempted to sail on her when she arrives in Port Canaveral.

Of course - there are MANY wonderful crew on board ALL the ships from South Africa. Glad you found a good masseuse. We come from Cape Town, South Africa - the most beautiful city in the world. :biggrin::biggrin:

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Jackie, Trudy Julius, the Guest Services Manager on the Monarch, a petite little thing - and one of the dearest people on the face of the earth, is from South Africa.

IPB Image

She is truly a sister to me.

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:thumbup: Sounds great Joey. I'll be sorry to see the Sovereign of the Seas leave the fleet but at least I know that her replacement will be fun. We have sailed on her before when she did 7 day southern and a 4 day Bahamas from Ft. Lauderdale so it will be nice to see her again.

Carmen have you asked the crew about staying with her???? I'm sure Tony will as he's been there forever! Many of the crew on Sovereign are changing over to Majesty so I'm curious to see what will happen with Monarch.

Thanks for the review Joey!

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