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serenade of the seas

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Hi guys,

Everbody looking good tonight!! Anybody headed up north to alaska on the serenade of the seas sept 13 for a week of fun? Just cant to go, hope its cold and wet up there.


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I live 15 minutes away from the dock, and see the ship every weekend on my way to work. Plus, I used to work on the Radiance (sister ship) when it was up in Alaska for 3 seasons...so I have a pretty good understanding of the climate.

Basically, the weather here is so all over the place that it's almost impossible to predict. It was hot and sunny yesterday, cold and rainy today...and who knows what it'll be tomorrow. People here say "If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes". It works.

So, bring layers...that's the best advice I can give. Layers...and something that will keep you dry. You may also want some good hiking shoes, since Alaska is best appreciated off the beaten track. There are great hikes in Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway (the Dewey Lake hike in Skagway is amazing...but not for the timid). But, it can also get really hot...but this late in the season, it's not likely (but it is possible).

Also, be forewarned that the immediate neighbourhood in Vancouver where the ship docks is HORRIBLE. It has the highest HIV rate in North America, has the lowest per-capita income of any neighbourhood in Canada, and is a place where you can see people shooting heroin and smoking crack out in the open. It's really too bad the RCL ships don't go to Canada Place downtown, because that is a far nicer place to start and end your cruise. It's the third world, basically...so don't go wandering around or else you may find yourself in a position you didn't want to find yourself in.

It's really that bad...










Hate to bring people down, but you'll be really glad when the ship pulls away...it's like a third world nation right near the docks.

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