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West Palm Beach for Ft Lauderdale?

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I have been checking and re-checking the airlines for our Sept 2012 cruise and I am astonished as to how expensive it is to fly Tucson to FLL (believe it or not, Miami is even more $$$). We can drive 90 miles to Phoenix (park and pay) and fly to West Palm Beach for half the cost. My struggle is the drive time (and the dollar value of that); the parking cost ($10/day for 9 days) and the taxi fare from WPB to FLL and back.

I have enough miles for one full ticket; trying to acquire miles for the other. Then I have no struggle!

Oh - Tucson to West Palm Beach is a small savings but nothing like the Phoenix trip.

Thanks for your input

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I am certainly not in a hurry to spend $500 per person. I'm hoping that SW airlines comes through. Right now they are only booking through 2nd week of August!

I agree that time is definitely on my side!

John, for our March cruise out of LA, we're driving to Phoenix. Phoenix to LA was $69 per person round trip. Tucson to LA was over $300 per person round trip. It's a 90 minute drive!!! (Cost to park is $6.50/day because I found a coupon).

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Yes Debbie I agree with Rose ..... keep checking. I just heard today that there are always cheaper fares when booking on a Wednesday?? Don't know how true that is, but check on it.

It's funny you say that. My nephew just told us that the cheapest flights are Tuesday night-Wednesday morning between 10 PM and 2 AM. Hard to believe this is true, but who knows.

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