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New Cruise Review - Ryndam Collector Cruise

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Thanks for the great review, Keith & Rita! The Ryndam was our very first cruise ship when we did Alaska for our 25th anniversary...many moons ago! I am happy to hear everything is still excellent aboard this fine ship. I have wondered how smoothly back-to-back cruises work; sounds like HAL has the process down pretty well. You didn't have to pack up out of your stateroom between cruises, right?

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Thanks for the review, Keith and Rita. Skipping your Christmas day open house reminded me of the Kranks. :laugh:

Sorry the ocean jostled you around , but I guess it does that occasionally. :sick:

Just one question. Why was it called a "collector" cruise?

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Excellent comprehensive review, Keith and Rita. Your cruise sounds great. So glad that you didn't have to switch cabins.

Telescopic fruit bowls? Now , that I don't think I've seen. Will have to watch for them. It was so nice that you got the complimentary dinner, especially on Keith's birthday. By the way,

Happy Belated Birthday, Keith.

Glad that you had a great cruise. Great that the band accommodated your taste in dancing music. :thumbup:

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Just one question. Why was it called a "collector" cruise?

Kevin, a Holland America "Collector Cruise" is when 2 cruises are combined with one booking number and offered at a reduction in fare. When we booked the two weeks they were not offered at a fare reduction. Our two cruises with two booking numbers separately reduced in price before we made final payment but were still not considered a Collector Cruise. We were surprised when we received the welcome aboard letter from the hotel manager who gave us a complimentary dinner in the pay restaurant for booking a Collector Cruise!

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