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Do you tire of your "favorite" cruise line?

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I notice than many peoples signatures indicate that they have cruised umpteen times on the same cruise line and are very loyal to that cruise line. I was wondering if any one else besides ourselves feels a little bored with their cruise line - like they need to switch up and cruise on another line for a different "flavor".

We used to be so loyal to Princess - loved it. We took a few cruises on Celebrity, HAL, Disney and Carnival - they were OK, had some features that we loved. Then we tried RCCL and found them to be our new favorite. Well like a lot of things in life seasons change .... and now we are ready to go back to Princess, HAL and maybe Celebrity.

How about you???????

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Sure, if we’ve been on the same cruise line a few times in a row we start to get a little tired of certain aspects that seem to be consistent across the ships (like maybe the same thing for breakfast every day). Of course any day on a cruise is fantastic, so “tired” is really a relative thing. I guess we’ll keep switching things up – just to be on the safe side! :biggrin:

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What we like to do is to switch around on the cruise destinations and port choices. We've been on only three lines (RCI, Oceania and NCL) and there are things we like and dislike about all of them, but as long as there is a new and (to us) unexplored port, we're happy.

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Out of 69 cruises, I don't think we have ever sailed on the same line twice in a row. Like said above, we select based on when we can go, and an itinerary we are looking for, and only then does it come down to the line and/or price. So we haven't had a chance ot get bored with a favorite. I've never had a cruise I've been disappointed in either.

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I know what you mean "by tire of your favorite cruiseline". But we are always so happy to be on a cruise that we truly tend to overlook the areas that aren't up to par. We truly look at all the ships and all the itineraries and cost is 99% of what ties us to Carnival. (That and being platinum)

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