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Maui Hawaii

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Maui is a typical stop for a cruise to Hawaii. Maui at one time was where the big battle for control of the Island brought all the different tribes under one rule. That battle was fought in Iao Valley.

Iao Valley is extremely beautiful. There are various gardens there that the different nationalities of Hawaii have put together. You can spend many hours here looking at many different gardens.

Halleakala is the biggest mountain on Maui. Many people take a trip to the top of Halleakala to watch the sunrise over all the islands. In many cases you actually head up through the clouds to get to the top of the mountain. It does get cold at the top of the mountain. There are bike tours that go down the mountain. The bike tours use to go from the top but no longer do that do to the narrow roads and due to an accident. The ride does go from high up where the road is wider and safer.

The road to Hana is a big tour to take. This road is only about 50 miles long, however it has hundreds of turns in it. The large tour buses cannot go here. All tours are by car or small bus.There are so many turns it is common for people to get sick if they get motion sickness easily. The views of the coast along this road are well worth seeing. If you can handle motion sickness I would definately recommend this trip.

Maui is known for sea life. There is an excellent aquarium here. During the winter months this is a hot spot for humpback whales. I personally have sat on a ship deck and counted over 90 whales in a hour and a half time period. There is also a whale museum in Lahaina Maui. Lahaina at one time was known as the whale capital of the world.

Lahaina is a beautiful little town. There are train rides here as well as many boat and scuba tours.

Maui is also one of the places that you will find luau tours. At a luau you will find your local foods made as well as the dancing of Hawaii. These are popular tours and do fill up quickly.Yes there will be a roasted pig as part of the meal and the pig will have been made in a traditional pit.

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