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Introducing: CruiseCrazies Tapatalk Forum App - Access our forums quickly and easily from your mobile device!

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Keeping up with CruiseCrazies while on-the-go is now easier and faster than ever, with the new CruiseCrazies Tapatalk Forum App.

It's a mobile app built specifically for speed and simplicity, and delivers an alternate layout of our forums...different than what you see when you use the web browser of your mobile device. Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android Tablets, the CruiseCrazies Tapatalk Forum App boasts super fast on-the-go access to our forums, along with the following features:

- Push notifications

- Create, edit, and reply to topics

- View unread and participated topics

- Share and Follow topics

- Basic and advanced search

- Private messaging

- View member profiles

- And more!

To Get the App:

1. Search for "Tapatalk" in your mobile device's Apple or Android app store (The app costs $2.99)

2. Once you're in the app, search for CruiseCrazies

3. Log in with your CruiseCrazies account to enable all app features

A few iPhone screenshots:

Viewing the Latest Activity (All):


Viewing Forums by Category:


Viewing the List of Topics within a Forum:


Viewing the Posts within a Topic:


Viewing the Search function:


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Downloaded and installed on my tablet. Works great. Just wondering, Do I have to buy it again for my phone? ALSO, when you do download it and install, when logging into the CruiseCrazies site, use your email address. For some reason, it wouldn't accept my CruiseCrazies username.

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TapaTalk should appear on the second device after downloading to the first. I noticed that to about the email address rather than user name.

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Such great news, Jason! I love Tapatalk -- makes it so easy to access forums on the fly. I can read and post to my favorite Disney forums, my favorite weather forums, and now my favorite cruise forums, all from one app! Love it. :thumbup:


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