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Welcome to the NEW CruiseCrazies! Read what's new and updated

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Excited to announce today's launch of the NEW and ENHANCED CruiseCrazies - Complete with tons of new features, updated navigation, a new look and feel, updated design and enhanced functionality that makes it easier than ever to share your content, exchange information and connect with other cruisers.  A large emphasis has been placed on making it effortless to share your content with others - So we look forward to seeing everything from forum posts to photos, blog updates, groups and more.  Here's the full list of enhancements:



  • Blogs - Curate your own blog to share your experiences and perspectives.  Complete with privacy options, RSS import functionality and more
  • Photos - Create and manage photos with or without albums.  Set credits, copyrights and tags and re-order your photos with the drag-n-drop uploader
  • Create and Join Groups - Create and moderate your own sub-community right here within CruiseCrazies.
    • Perfect for group cruise planning, pre and post cruise meetups and more!
    • Upload a group photo, banner image and add new tabs within your group to manage different types of content
    • Privacy settings include Public, Private, Open, Closed
    • Group content appears in users' activity streams, search results and group members receive notifications (based on their preferences)
  • Our Picks - Top content from across the community, hand-picked by us
  • We're now on Instagram!  Follow us for more awesome cruise content
  • Leaderboard - Tracks the hottest content and top users each day, based on reputation received. The top three users each day receive a trophy and member profiles highlight the last time they received a trophy.  See it in action!


  • Check out our new Logo at the top of every page!  Details here
  • News and Articles - Completely redesigned with the addition of new article categories
  • Preferred Agents - The new name and updated look for our recommended cruise and travel agent partners
  • Our new Post Count Badges show how much content we have posted - Visible next to our posts and within our profiles.  This has replaced our formerly used "CruiseCrazies Cabin Accommodations," with many more levels, each with a unique color.  Read more here

Your Account

Around the Community

  • Search - Available from the top right corner of every page, a wide range of filters allows you to drill down by content type, author and lots more
  • Responsive Design - Our community is 100% accessible whether you’re on a desktop, mobile phone, or anything in between
  • Hide Signatures - View or hide other members' signatures alongside their content
  • Forum Index View Options - The default view is Traditional, however you can switch to "Grid" view (pinterest-style) or "Fluid" view (Simple list of all topics from all forums)

Express Yourself

  • Emojis - Use your iPhone or iPad to embed the popular iOS emojis within your content
  • Reactions - Select how you feel about the content you read - Love it, Like it, Laughing, Confused, Sad and more
  • Create Content From Anywhere - Click the +Create button in the upper right corner to post content directly to the desired location

Posting Content

  • Rich Text Editing - Paste screenshots and text directly into the editor
  • Tagging - Find related content with tags that can be added whenever you post a topic or any other piece of content
  • Mentions - Notify other members in your posts by typing @ followed by their member name - Perfect for ensuring they see what they may otherwise miss
  • Auto-Saved Drafts - Posts you begin typing but do not submit are automatically saved so you can return later and pick up right where you left off
  • Rich Embeds - Create or paste a link within your post  and an embedded, expandable preview with a link will automatically appear.  Works with links from CruiseCrazies, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more


Phew, that was a lot!  But important for you to see the sweeping changes that are now active.  So, begin checking it all out .. Start sharing your content .. Contact me if any questions .. And spread the word to friends, family and co-workers so they join us also!  See you around.

P.S.  More coming soon .... So stay tuned!  ??

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This is awesome, Jason, and so user friendly! I look forward to using all the new features, and I hope everyone else does, as well. You've done a great job - Bravo!?

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