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Your First Cruise: Let's Hear About It!

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Let's hear about your first cruise!

  • When was it?
  • Which ship?
  • What were the destinations?
  • What was your FIRST thought when you boarded the ship?

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  • August 2002, 20th Anniversary Cruise (Wish I had started cruising much sooner!)
  • Grand Princess (Princess remains my favorite cruise line to this day!)
  • Western Caribbean (Cozumel, Grand Cayman, etc.)
  • First Reaction on Boarding:


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My first cruise was in 1979.  It was on the SS Carnivale.  I was a new widow, and only a few months till I turned 30, when my first husband died from a car accident, in 1977.  My mom wanted me to come with her and my step-dad, and some friends, on a Caribbean cruise.  I had been watching, "The Love Boat" and was crazy about that show,  and about going on a cruise, so I said yes.  My in-laws were very happy to have their granddaughter come and stay with them for a week...she was 5-years-old then.  When I first stepped onboard the ship and got to walk around a bit I was a little disappointed at first since it didn't seem like on the Love Boat...haha.  Also, we had to check in for our dining tables back then. I was told I had to sit at a long table behind my parents and friends and I could not figure out why they didn't let me sit with whom I came with.  So, I was a little upset at first about that...later on I realized why they did that.  The table that I sat at had a lot of single gals, and it was fun getting to know everyone, and sometimes we would go up to the disco together.  They were younger than I was, and after just losing  my husband I felt that I was way older than they were and I was not looking to have fun, but just enjoy the cruise.  I really did have fun with them, but, still went into the ports with my parents and their friends.  The ship was an older one, but I grew to really like it.  In one area it had a closed in promenade which was nice on hot or windy days, but also was great to be outside and walking around the whole ship.  After that cruise I really had a love for cruising, and the sea.  Our ports were St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, and Samana, Dominican Republic.  Funny little story...got a little pickled the night before we came into Samana.  Totally didn't want to get up early and go on shore, but knew that I would.  Didn't want to miss seeing everything.  My mom came and said that I had better go, or else...haha  She was actually funny about it and was "the best mom ever."  She just didn't want me to miss going into port.  We took the bus into port and there was only one place that we stopped, and I got off the bus and was so sick from drinking too much the night before that I felt dizzy and nauseated.  I just sat there and didn't even care if they left without me...LOL  One really nice lady from the bus, and ship, came by me and thought that I was sea sick, and she gave me a sea-sick chewable...it was amazing since by late afternoon I was feeling great...LOL  I learned a lesson on my very first cruise...don't drink  too much, and don't drink late at night if you want to get up early for the ports...the times after that that I went cruising I only had a pina colada in the afternoon, or one drink before dinner.  Learned my lesson.  Fell hopelessly in love with cruising back then, and have been on 10 cruises all together.  It would have been 12, but had to cancel two cruises, one when my beloved mother had her heart attack, and one when my dear hubby fell out of a tree that he was cutting on and broke his foot.  Ya...he doesn't climb trees anymore...LOL

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First Cruise:

  • 2000
  • Holland America's Ryndam
  • Alaska - to this day my favorite destination
  • ? OK - here we are....what do we do now?!  Of course now, after our 26th (28th?....something like that) cruise, we know exactly what to do and that feeling of crossing the gangway onto the ship just keeps getting better and better!

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Our first was on the Carnival Sensation in Sept 1997. W were married in Vegas in Jan of that year so we made our first our honeymoon cruise.

Photo is from that cruise with our dining partners. They helped make our cruise extra special. Some we've cruised with on later cruises.


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