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SEA DAYS: Love 'em? Hate 'em? What Do You Do With Them?

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I love sea days!!  From start to finish....I love them!  I love to linger in bed awhile...then eat a leisurely breakfast in the buffet, stake out my spot in the sun, and plop down with my book.  After a late lunch we will mozy back down to our cabin and take a seat on our balcony, usually with a cold beverage in hand....and my book, always with my book.   Soon it will be time to dress for dinner and go "out on the shipboard town" for a fun evening.  SO........I am always surprised when I hear a fellow passenger exclaim how he/she "hates" sea days!     How do YOU feel?  And what do you usually do on a sea day?

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Love, Love LOVE Sea Days! My routine is pretty much the same, Andi, except that I will stake out a spot in the SHADE, usually do a few laps around the Promenade after lunch, grab a frozen mocha latte, and head to my balcony and watch the world pass by (or doze is more like it) journaling or reading on the iPad. Late afternoon, we'll go grab a drink before dinner and the evening's entertainment. I do have friends who dislike sea days - they say they're bored - and specifically look for itineraries with NO sea days. I can't imagine - I would be exhausted without at least a day or two to break up the busy days in port. 

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Love the sea days...especially if you have a couple extra days in ports...it's just great to take a break and sleep in and relax onboard, I also look for a spot in the shade...love the sun, but it doesn't always love me...LOL  If you're cruising with friends it also gives you some time to relax and chat with them, dine with them, etc.  It's wonderful just to spend time sitting on your balcony, or watching the sea from any deck you're on.

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