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Reminder: The Importance of Travel Insurance

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I got a call from a disappointed client this morning who was denied boarding at the port due to a sudden fever and infection.? Such a devastating event reminds us all how important it is to be covered in the unlikely event of an illness, accident or emergency, as I previously wrote in one of my Tuesday Travel Tips, "Consider Buying Travel Insurance". My client was very smart shopper and had purchased travel protection before her trip. It's a small price to pay for peace of mind!??️

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We always get it. In 2013 my wife had to be hospitalized in Bangkok two days after arrival there. We had been in India and she got sick there but it really got worse by the time we reached Thailand. The entire hospital bill was paid and BTW the care was excellent. 

In 2014 our flight home from Madrid was cancelled due to super storm Sandy so I had to book our own fare as UA proposed a return 5 days past our scheduled flight and no way would that have worked. Again our travel insurance paid for it. BTW I called UA seeking a partial refund for the return they cancelled. To my amazement they refunded the entire ticket even though they got us to Europe for our cruise. 



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Funny thing is we actually made money. Our Allianz agent said my primary insurance had to deny the claim first so the business office ran my insurance and sure enough it was denied so Allianz took over. The bill for 5 days at Samitivej hospital in Bangkok was just under 6 k, extremely reasonable by US norms and Allianz paid it all. About 6 weeks after we got back home we got a check from my primary insurance company for 90% of the bill or about $5400.00. All I conclude is that when the final total was in they resubmitted it and this time it was approved. 

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