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Hi guys. its been quite a while since I posted anything and I hope you are all well. I would like to inform you of a great deal I became aware of our a group rate from my TA. Its in June 2022 on the NCL Star 10 days out from Iceland with 3 -4 stops in Iceland, Belfast, NI, the Republic of Ireland and England then ending in Southampton. Its around 8 stops in all and for $2600 ish pp for a balcony you also get:

1. Gratuities.

2. $100.00 OBC.

3. 250 minutes wifi

4. Premium beverage package.

5. Dining at three specialty restaurants.

6. $50.00 off per cabin for each port excursion.


Its a great deal so if interested please contact me at: lkopp5041@wowway.com and I can send you a link for the specifics and my TA's contact info.


I hope I did not violate any rules here.


All the best, Larry 

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I am excited! 

Since I was in grammar school I have always had a thing for the Titanic and this cruise stop in Belfast where it was made and where there is a Titanic museum too. 

We saw the Titanic exhibit when it was here in Chicago and saw the Titanic section in the maritime museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 



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I’ve seen the same Titanic exhibit when it came to Hartford and the Maritime Museum in Halifax. We were supposed to do this cruise with Celebrity in 2020 with Belfast and Dublin, as well as Glasgow. I’ve had my fill of  Titanic and was looking forward to tours themed toward Game of Thrones and Outlander. Hoping to catch the Outlander tour in 2022 unless I book the land tour am hoping for.🙂

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I hope you find that. There was a book by Walter Lord "A Night to Remember" which was about the Titanic and was made into a movie by the same name more or less to refute a movie called "Titanic" with Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwick in which the portrayal of the sinking was no where near the actual events. It even showed the strike on the port side ripping a 300 foot gash into the hull which was just not sure. 


In any case I went the library every Saturday for weeks to get the book but no luck then one day it was there. Eureka! 


Again i've always had a thing for the Titanic. I don't know why. 

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