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Why Are More People Attracted to Gambling While on a Cruise?

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Many people like to go on a cruise as it offers a unique way to see the world. While traveling, you can see beautiful places, relax, and even have fun because various types of entertainment are available aboard a cruise ship. These activities include, for example, gambling as well.

Nowadays, playing casino games at the ship’s casino tends to be one of the most popular activities amongst those who go on a cruise. But why are more people attracted to gambling while on a cruise? Today, we will dive into the main reasons.

Great Activity to Kill Boredom

One of the primary reasons why gambling is so popular on a cruise is that it provides a great opportunity to kill boredom while traveling. Interestingly, in the past, the idea of riverboat gambling stemmed from this motive as well. At least, according to the following blog post, where you can read more about how riverboat gambling casinos have started.

Nowadays, travelers can choose from a wide range of activities when being onboard a cruise ship. Depending on the ship, for example, you can hang out by the swimming pools, work out in the gym, get a massage at the spa, eat and drink at one of the restaurants or bars, take a class, or enjoy gambling in the casino. While all these are great pastimes, gambling might be the most tempting choice for someone who looks for some extra excitement. Many people who have never gambled before go and try themselves at the casino simply out of curiosity.

Different Regulations

The second reason why many people like gambling in a cruise ship casino is that the regulations are different once the ship crosses international waters. Interesting, isn’t it?

Without going into details, the basic rule is that the ship is considered to be an extension of the country the ship is registered in. However, when it sails within a certain distance of the coast of another country, it means that the law of this country will be applied to the gambling activity on the ship as well.

For many gamblers, it’s a huge advantage that gambling on a cruise doesn’t come under the same regulations compared to playing at a traditional, land-based casino. Especially, in the case of those countries where gambling is banned completely (such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Czech Republic, Maldives, Mauritania, Poland, and Russia) or banned either for natives or visitors. Fortunately, if you can’t gamble because of these restrictions in your country, you can still enjoy gambling in a cruise ship casino. Once the ship is at least 12 miles offshore, you can start to play casino games legally onboard without the need of travelling to a country where gambling is legal.

More Permissive Gambling Age Restrictions

If you are from the United States, you might be used to the fact that in most places you must be at least 21 years old to play at the casino. Although this age restriction seems to be completely normal in the United States, other countries have more permissive rules regarding the minimum age. For example, in the United Kingdom and many other European countries, the minimum age required for gambling is only 18. Therefore, if you opt for playing casino games on the board of a cruise that sails under the flag of these countries, it’s enough if you are 18 to gamble legally.

Low Buy-Ins

Another thing that makes gambling at an onboard casino so attractive is that it’s affordable for casual and low-stakes gamblers as well. People don’t have to worry that they will spend all their vacation savings while enjoying themselves at the casino since usually, the buy-ins are lower than in land-based casinos. Are you wondering why? Because the main goal of cruise ship casinos is to attract those casual players who may not play at casinos onshore.

In the case of table games, you may find minimums as low as $5 for various games. Moreover, you can play with the many penny slots.

A Wider Variety of Casino Games

When it comes to game selection, cruise ship casinos offer an even wider variety of casino games than traditional land-based venues. Gamblers can find all the classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and popular slots in an onboard casino.

However, in addition to these games, there are numerous unique games like the well-known coin pusher game that many people enjoy playing. Although it’s not considered pure gambling, it’s still a fun game to try while being on a cruise.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have a better understanding of cruise ship casinos, it’s easy to see why they attract so many visitors from all over the world. If you also would like to try your luck in gambling while on a cruise, make sure to check out the onboard casino next time you travel. The fun will be guaranteed!

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What's missing from this article? Smokers! Being able to light up in the casino is a big attraction for smokers onboard. Otherwise, it's something to kill the time. I do throw a few bucks into a slot machine once in a while, but otherwise I don't see the attraction. I can find better things to do on a cruise. 

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