CruiseCrazies Cabin Door Hangs

  Print and Decorate your Cabin Door Today - It's Free!

We love showing off our CruiseCrazies membership!

Sailing on a cruise? Download a copy (free, of course), print it, and post it onto your cruise cabin door. You can download and print as many CruiseCrazies Cruise Cabin Door Hangs as you'd like.  The Cabin Door Hang is pre-sized, and will automatically print to an 8.5 x 11" letter page. For best quality results, print on semi-glass photo paper and laminate at your local Kinkos or office supply shop. Using masking tape or a non-stick putty, post the Cabin Door Hang to the center of your cabin's door, and your cruise cabin door is now decorated!


Using a CruiseCrazies Cruise Cabin Door Hang offers the following advantages:  


• Shows off your CruiseCrazies membership

• Helps you find your cabin much quicker, especially late at night

• Provides as an excellent ice-breaker with your neighbors

• Serves as a colorful decoration for your cruise cabin door

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