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    Come sail with us! 🛳️ This will be a totally relaxing cruise on a NEW Princess ship. 10 Days, one way from New York City to Fort Lauderdale. Just three fabulous ports - Aruba, St. Maarten, and St. Kitts, with 6 glorious sea days, plenty of time to immerse yourself in all the activities on board. For more information or to reserve your cabin, go to: Sky Princess 11/05/20-Reserve Now AND - for a limited time - take advantage of Princess Cruises' Anniversary Sale. You'll receive TWO free bottles of wine, dinner at a specialty restaurant, $300 ONBOARD CREDIT, a FREE stateroom location upgrade. Book by December 10, 2019, to receive this offer!
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    Norwegian Jade Jan 03, 2021

    Twelve day Southern Caribbean cruise You might as well join us just for the fun of it!
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    Norwegian Jade Jan 03, 2021

    Back to back with the January 15 cruise, I assume? Awesome! 😀
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    Norwegian Jade Jan 15, 2021

    Hey - that's my birthday, and what a great weekend escape that would be. Just maybe ... 🤔😊
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    Celebrity Apex Oct. 21, 2021 Transatlantic

    Would love to, it sounds amazing! But our Crazies Viking cruise is eating up my budget.🤣
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    Carnival Glory January 5, 2020

    Good to hear from you Keith, but so sorry about your bronchitis and that your step-father is struggling. Congrats on the upcoming retirement - less than a year - whoo hoo!
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    Carnival Glory January 5, 2020

    @KeithnRita A very belated WELCOME BACK from your most recent cruise on Carnival Glory. I follow your amazing journeys on FB, of course, but just wanted to pop in and say I hope it was awesome! Feel free to post a few pics or a few words about your experience. Can’t wait to see where you’re headed next!🛳🙂🏖
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    Desperate situations call for desperate measures!😄 Other reports mentioned they ordered 2 cases, and this was just the first drop. Cheers!😎👍🛳🍷🍷🍷🍷
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    Well I would say they are making the best of it, right?!
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    An Australian couple quarantined on a cruise ship due to the deadly coronavirus kept the party flowing by getting a drone to deliver wine straight to their cabin. Jan and Dave Binskin, from Queensland, have chronicled their journey of boredom and booze while stranded on the Diamond Princess ship off the coast of Tokyo for the past week. “Quarantined on the Diamond Princess in Yokohama Japan now into Day 6 of 14 we are confined to our cabin,” the couple wrote on their Facebook account while posing with masks. “[We] get let out every 4/5 days for 1 hour walk on the deck we are well and in good spirits so far would appreciate any local news.” Although the Aussie couple had an ocean view — the seas were getting rocky and the Binskins needed some vino. “Our view for the next 13 days or maybe 28 as they just found another 10 positive and are taking them ashore 😡😡,” they wrote on Wednesday along with an image of the seas. The couple then reached out to the Naked Wine Club and — much to their delight — received two bottles of Pinot Noir that was delivered to their cabin door by drone. “Naked Wine Club you’re incredible. Just got the first drop,” they wrote on Friday along with an image of Dave lounging on the bed donning a mask and holding a glass of their finest. “Thank God for drones, the Japanese Coast Guard did not know what the fu– was going on.” The Diamond Princess was floating off the coast with about 3700 people aboard as the entire vessel was held under two-week quarantine since they arrived back at the port of Yokohama. A man who disembarked in Hong Kong had been diagnosed with the virus. The Binskins, and their wine, will be stuck on the ship for another 8 days. “New update on Masks,” the couple wrote on Monday with an image of their new face protection. By Joe Tacopino, New York Post Re-posted on CruiseCrazies.com - Cruise News, Articles, Forums, Packing List, Ship Tracker, and more For more cruise news and articles go to https://www.cruisecrazies.com
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    MSC Cruise Lines

    Oh thanks for your interest. I will defiantly make a post about my experience on here about the MSC cruise line,
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    Welcome, Robbie ! See you around!

    Welcome, Robbie! See you around!
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    Oh what the heck, I’ll take the $240,000 owner’s suite. If I could afford a luxury world cruise, why not go for it all!
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    Thanks for the article, Jason. I have many food restrictions and meet with the dining staff as soon as we get on board. I have found everyone to be incredibly accommodating!
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