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    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Kelly, and me and my DH Jim went on our 1st cruise 2 months ago(NCL Dawn/ 2/18-25/18), and now we are SO hooked, we have 3 more booked 🙂 (Carnival Fantasy/ 8/30/18...RC Vision /12/22/18...RC Rhapsody/ 2/2/19, all less than $100/day pp, which is our limit) That will be 4 cruises within our first year! Hubbs possibly thinks I've gone a wee bit crazy, but it's all I think about when I'm not working. Which is what brought me to this site, as I am truly a new but totally smitten cruise crazy lady, and hoped to find some cruise crazy company in my new addiction. I don't even want to go shopping anymore, just so I can save more money to go on a cruise! Please tell me I'm not insane. I never want to go on any other kind of vacation again, ever....
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    Hi @LUVINMYHUBS, great questions- I would also recommend you post the cruise questions in the Let’s Talk Cruise forum so others who don’t check this general conversation area also see your cruising questions. All, here’s the obituary for our late Mary Lou, aka cruisetarp, who passed away while cruising last week: http://mobileobits.lehighvalleylive.com/obituaries/etpa/obituary.aspx?n=mary-louise-tarpey&pid=188950963&referrer=0&preview=True#_ga=2.226635037.168160012.1525744467-40114816.1496863920
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    7 Ways on How To Stay Thin When Cruising

    I actually went to the gym on my last cruise - not just once, but twice, when my husband dragged me out of bed to go with him. Other days I always made a point of circling the promenade a few times. I tried hard to eat in moderation - as I get older, I can’t eat huge amounts of food, thankfully. I came home with only 2 extra pounds, which was a record for me. 😎
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    I choose the healthy options that they offer. I drink lots of water, and have a Virgin Pina Colada or two during the whole cruise. I don't eat fried or salty foods, but I must eat chocolate desserts on a cruise with every meal. If I eat whole wheat bread for breakfast or at dinner, I don't put any butter on it. When I eat pasta, I eat the ones made with red sauce. I don't like creamy sauces. I also bring my chocolate protein bars with me because I'm up at 5am every morning and breakfast doesn't open up until 7am. I eat what they have available that's healthier, but will not make special requests to the chefs, I think that's going a little too far. I also exercise at the gym everyday, and always use the stairs, never the elevator.
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    Wow, excellent tips. Didn’t realize cruise ships were so accommodating. I can’t picture myself bring the mayo and snacks . I guess if you’re really determined, it’s possible to keep the pounds off but for me, it’s always been a pound up per day. I really do need to try some of these tips. Great article.
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    Welcome, LamaShan ! See you around!

    Welcome, LamaShan! See you around!
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    So a lot of people wonder what happens behind the scenes on ships... the next few blog posts will be dedicated to giving you some insight to behind the scenes.... First of all if you haven't seen any of my videos on youtube... check them out So there are 5 things that musicians on ships typically do during the day... SLEEP NAP SNOOZE HIBERNATE REST Sensing a theme? Most musician find themselves staying out late at night, doing their job and then socializing and then resting the whole day to have the energy to do it again the next night. Being a singer, I usually hide away during the day to rest my voice. Not that we typically go hard and drink the night away but being social on the ships is more fun than the alternative, but there have been times during my contracts where I got so hooked on a TV series that I would finish my set at night and then hurry to my room to binge watch until the sun came out. There have been other times in my contracts where I would stay out all night learning new songs to perform the following night. There also have been times when I wanted to be productive and get up at a reasonable time, go to the gym, be healthy and get stuff done. When I started making videos on youtube I would find myself going around the ship more and being creative. Which is a much better thing than sleeping 12 hours a day. Stay tuned for a new blog post every week !!! Ill see you next time and if you have any questions or suggestions for blog posts please let me know in the comments 🙂
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    GM Crazies, Just wanted to wish everyone a great week. Not much going on in my neck of the woods. We are having some nice warm weather which is nice. Take care and I will try to post again soon. Blessings from Falina
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    Hi Everyone!

    HI Kelly - Welcome! So nice to see that not only did you join, but you started posting right away - that is awesome! I am another Cruise Addict (as Jason said, we all are on this site, lol,) and another one who came to it late - first cruising for our 25th anniversary. Cruising is always always on my mind - either planning and booking upcoming cruises, or remembering past cruises, or watching the cruise port webcams at sailaway time, to reading cruise magazines...you name it! You are definitely in the right place - even more so, I might add, because this truly is the friendliest cruise board on the web; no judging, no snarky responses, we welcome everyone's opinions and preferences. I have yet to sail on NCL but am finding more people who love their ships so I think DH and I will have to give them a try!! Please keep posting and help us get to know you better. And if you have any questions at all - please don't hesitate to ask - there is a lot of experience on this board.
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    We still dress for formal night. Karen loves it, and I get to wear my military medals.
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    Hello, My Friends, I have been off the Dock for over a month, trying to get caught up on so many things that I have (but probably should not have) gotten myself involved with. I am in the process of climbing out of the hole, and I'll fill you all in on the details, but right now I want to turn my attention to the passing of MaryLou. Unlike most who remain here on the Dock, I did have the pleasure of meeting MaryLou and Jim, went out to dinner with them and shared a number of stories of ports and ships. MaryLou was, despite her medical issues, quite a vibrant person, and certainly a leader by example. I am sure that she is now cruising the universe in the company of angels and saints. Requiem eterna, MaryLou
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    Dear Shari, We are on the same wave length about lots of stuff. You know what I mean. LOL.
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    Cheryl...that's what I was thinking!
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    And if person is awake while in basket, wouldn't the person have a heart attack just from the experience of being airlifted like that???
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    Welcome, LUVINMYHUBS ! See you around!

    Welcome, LUVINMYHUBS! See you around!
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    Olga...thanks for the nice comment! I don't think I would ever be able to do all you do to stay in shape. You are amazing! I am so sorry that your mom also has arthritis in her spine...hope she will be ok. Jan...you're doing great, going to the gym, walking, and eating less...only 2 pounds on the last cruise... which was a longer one, is great! Cheryl...thank you for the nice comment. On the eating...actually, I have very little self-control. Just getting off of a diet... off and on for 6 months, and only lost 18 pounds...and now that I'm off again, gaining again. Some days it seems hopeless, but can't give up. You may be doing it right by eating at the buffets, I used to think we ate too much at buffets, but now it seems that we can control the amount we eat a little better, we just have to tell ourselves not to take everything, just what we want the most, and smaller portions...well, it sounds good anyways...LOL
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    Celebrity Equinox 10/5/18

    I know we can't wait to go. There are 7 of us in our group going. I will try to remember to write a review in mid-Oct once we get home!
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    It's pretty hard not to enjoy all the great meals, and deserts when cruising...in the past I have just tried eating smaller portions and less of the fancy foo-foo drinks. Just the walking around the large ships would help me then since I didn't get a lot of exercise at home. I think my first cruise was the only one that I gained weight on...back when they had the midnight buffets, and just ate too much too often...learned then that it's too much food, and just eat less, but what I want...and only have a fancy drink once in awhile. The walking always helped me. Today, if I am so blessed to be able to go again, I may need a go-cart...LOL so would really have to watch the eating. Have spinal stenosis with bad discs and arthritis in the spine so it's very hard for me to walk or stand for too long...and the walking is what always helped me to keep from putting the weight on. My husband's first cruise was our honeymoon cruise and he used to order two meals sometimes if he couldn't choose, or they both sounded so good. He came home with ten extra pounds...he also learned a lesson from that cruise. LOL
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    I really need to do the stairs , rather than elevators. Also, my walking on the Promenade Deck is certainly not as good as going to the gym and working up a sweat. So, now I've got a couple of goals for our next cruise. Thanks for the tips, gymbrat.
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    I recommend single rooms

    I have cruised with family and close friends. When they can't go, I go by myself. Sometimes you argue and disagree with family and friends, imagine with strangers. No way. I always book an inside or an ocean view depending on the price. When I cruise with my mom, she must have a balcony.
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    Celebrity Edge - February 17, 2019

    Hmmmm ... I was talking about the Celebrity ship, but that "little" yacht does have the small-ship feeling I like .... 😁
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    Since I started this blog back in 2011 working for Carnival Cruise Lines… I wanted to reflect a little about my time on ships. Although its only fair to say that over 8 years ago when I started ( Jan 2010 ) on the Carnival Freedom, I have actually only been on ships a total of 30 months ( 2 1/2 years) out of 8. The other 5 1/2 years I have been traveling and visiting all of the people I met on ships and playing gigs to cover that cost. This was my new life… driving, staying with friends/family, not really having a home. The opportunity for working with P&O Australia came in 2014 and I jumped at the opportunity to spend time down under.... little did I know it would be another life changing journey. P&O wanted to do an artist feature of me on their facebook and I made a video for them to highlight it. Check it out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzfsDd2LDn0&t You never know where life will take you... you wouldn't even believe what my life was like before ships... (and ill get to that another time) So get out there... cruise to exotic places and invite the musician to your town to play 😄
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    Let's Plan a 2019 CruiseCrazies Cruise

    I have begun a 2019 CruiseCrazies Group for planning our annual group cruise. Come over to the group and share your thoughts about when, where and how long our next group adventure should be. 😄 You'll find it here at: CruiseCrazies Cruise-2019 - Let's Plan!

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