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    Hello Everyone, I am so excited to go on my second cruise with Carnival this coming Nov 24. Hopefully it will be very family friendly since my DD 8yrs will be with me. Do reply if you are going 🙂 Cant wait to meet everyone Anita
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    DAILY DOCK for November, 2019

    Ray - wonderful news of Yuki ..... you are not kidding life moves so fast and moving items from the bucket list to the calendar sometimes seems almost impossible. Hi to everyone so good to hear all about your lives - so many interesting things happening in everyones lives. Ours isn't too exciting at the moment, it's the lull before the storm as work starts in 2 months. Oh yes we did book a last minute 7 day Caribbean cruise in 4 weeks time. A quick getaway before I am tied down to H & R Block for 3 and a half months again. Enjoy what's left of the weekend everyone!
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    DAILY DOCK for November, 2019

    Jan and Andi...Sorry about your trees. It's a sad thing to lose your trees. Miranda...you went to the theater. I bet you had lot of fun there. They wrote the whole play, the lyrics, & the music. Wow! Ray...I wish we were next door neighbors, so you two could hang out together. Thank you for saying that. I've been kind of down a little, but you just raised me up. I hope you and Yuki are doing ok. I will pray for you. You are the kindness man I've met. Except for my Marc. LOL Hi to Falina, & Jackie, too
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    Daily Dock for OCTOBER, 2019

    Laurie, is the best of mom's. She takes them to piano, they take them to soccer, she takes them to basketball. She takes them to all the things. They take them to the Twins game. She's wonderful. I better take it slow because I have a headache. All the recipes are making me get a headache. I'm going though some recipes for a long time, it's time for a rest.
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    Carnival Sets Largest Bermuda Season Ever

    I sure do wish a Carnival ship would cruise out of Boston to Bermuda, giving us a change from the same weekly Norwegian cruises. Haven't been a huge fan of Carnival, but I'd be willing to give them another try for a close-to home port!
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