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  2. Ahoy, adventurers! I'm a seasoned seafarer sharing nautical expertise to chart your unforgettable cruise course. Our mission? Making cruise dreams reality without sinking budgets. Cruising extraordinarily experiences the world - open ocean, breathtaking views, floating resorts. Navigate options easily with me - family, romantic, exotic, classic. Comprehensive reviews, tips & guides ensure perfect match. We find incredible values - latest promos, exclusive discounts from top lines. Enjoy unforgettable luxury without overspending. Imagine oceanview balconies, gourmet meals, dazzling shows. High Seas Deals helps experience the best. Advising on accommodations, can't-miss ports, flights & more. Weigh anchor for priceless memories with our expertise & commitment! Learn More at www.highseasdeals.com
  3. During every voyage you go on the cruise staff makes the professional effort to put you (the passenger) first so that the voyage full of memories that will last forever. From the amazing ‘Cabin Stewarts and Waiters all the way through to the Captain;’ working on a cruise ship is a full-time job. Every morning, the amazing crew wake up before you do (at 5am depending on the crew level), and don’t get to bed until you do - 24/7. None of the crew gets a day off, and they don’t see their families because of their ‘six month contract.’ This is where you come in. At the end of every Princess cruise you’ll receive an online survey to complete when you arrive home. It’s important to complete it so that you can: Thank your favourite crew members, and so that Your favourite cruise staff gets rewarded with ‘a day off to relax, and even sleep.’ All you have to do is ‘give your favourite on board Restaurant the score of ‘10,’ and compliment your favourite crew members by including ‘their name (if you know it) and the Department they work in’ because it all adds up.
  4. On Sunday, 17 March 2024 I boarded the grand Princess cruise at Station Pier Wharf for a two week Queensland Round Trip. Although cruising is back after the loooooong lockdown period; Princess Cruises has really stripped everything back to the basics. These are just some of the changes I noticed straight away when I boarded the ship for my 2024 cruise. Your Cabin: In your cabin; you no longer get a love heart chocolate treat on your pillow every night, your PJ’s placed nicely, or a complimentary Carry bag for the cruise. You now need to supply or purchase your own. At the Restaurants: You now book your own Restaurant and seating for the cruise. This is no longer arranged by your travel agent. At the restaurants there’s no longer a bread basket in the centre of your table. The wait staff now offer you one roll for your meal. You also sit now sit at different tables, and with different people every night. Ordering drinks: Purchasing drinks can now be done via the Medallion app, and you now need to supply your own straws; because Princess cruises now longer supplies these with your drink. If you’re watching a great movie, or don’t want to leave your spot, you can also choose to have the staff bring your drink to you for an additional charge of $23 (AUS). Entertainment: Princess cruises no longer hosts specialty (on board) events designed for ‘Captain Circle members,’ or shows afternoon movies in the ships main theatre. All the movies are now shown (night and day) on the big screens on the pool deck Disembarking: Although some passengers still get the coloured tags; most passengers are now required to take their own luggage off the ship with them when they disembark. Despite all the changes; it’s great to have the ships on the ocean, and cruising back once again.
  5. Cruising in Europe sounds like a dream. Your offer for a Mediterranean cruise guide is pure gold – thanks for sharing the love! Speaking of smooth travels, stumbled upon some amazing business class flight deals once, and let me tell you, they elevated the journey to a whole new level.
  6. Unlike before, things have changed on the Princess cruise ships in regards to ‘casual dining in the main restaurants.’ This was originally organised when you booked your cruise with your travel agent, or your cruise coordinator; but now you have to organise it yourself through the Princess app on your mobile device. As well as ‘the Sabatini Italian restaurant, and the crown Grill; ‘the grand Princess also has three casual dining rooms: ‘DaVinci, Michelangelos, and Botticelli.’ These restaurants are located on decks five, and six on the ship. The service times are ‘5pm to 11:40 pm’ at night. To book, you can either: go to the ‘journey’ link on the apps homepage. Scroll down to ‘Explore dining options,’ pick a restaurant, (any restaurant), and then to decide what dinner seating you want via the Princess app. Or go with the simpler option. Click on the ‘time’ link in the Explorer dining options page, choose either ‘specialty or main, pick either a specialty, or a main restaurant, choose a dinner time for every night, click on either ‘private or shared,’ and then click on the save button at the bottom of the screen. Cruising may have changed a bit because of Covid, but the delicious meals in the casual and specialty restaurants on board the ship haven’t. So enjoy your meals, and bon appétit.
  7. Thank you Miranda for the kind words. I wish you a good health, and many more cruises in the future 🙂 Zlatko
  8. Hi Zlatko, Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. The crew are always amazing and will do about anything to make you feel special. I've got a lot of friends among them. And I think most of the cruisers appreciate and love you right back. I know this lot on this site sure do! Wishing you all the best! Miranda
  9. I'm Zlatko Simovski, a former cruise ship employee and a seemingly debt-free person. In reality, I owe a lot to the cruise lines for giving me a chance to work in the best industry in the world and to the cruise passengers for putting food on my family table. Yes, I worked like the ships belonged to my father, but nothing would have been possible without the people who had chosen to spend a part of their hard-earned money on a cruise vacation. It's been a few years since my last contract on a cruise ship, and only the great memories and gratitude are left today-gratitude for the opportunity to provide a better life for my family, to work and live with amazing people from more than 70 different nationalities, for the chance to visit many beautiful places around the world, to learn from thousands of dear passengers I interacted with..... I wish I could return for at least one more contract as a crew member, but that's impossible now. I won't ever again, while wearing a crew uniform, have the chance to personally tell a passenger how much happiness the job on a cruise ship brings to my life. Thinking about the years spent working on cruise ships (which are by far the best I remember), I often recall the conversations with passengers asking about the ship's life and expressing worries about the crew's wellbeing. Aware of the general opinion, last year, I published the diary I wrote during my first eight-month contract. Making such a private thing publicly available wasn't an easy decision, but I always thought people should know how the system on ships works and fully enjoy their cruise, knowing that the crew members are well taken care of. That was my experience, and I strongly believe that most employees feel the same. In gratitude to those who are indirectly supporting thousands of crew members and their families, I decided to provide a free PDF copy of the diary to every passenger and crew member participating in the inaugural cruise of Icon of the Seas (Please feel free to send me a direct message on FB or email me on zlatko_2209) Happy New Year to all the cruise passengers, and thank you. You are the reason many kids are not going to bed hungry. We, the crew members, genuinely appreciate you and love you! ∞ Love Zlatko
  10. We had poor service on our one and only Carnival cruise. Well, that can happen simply because there are one or two disaffected employees sailing on one particular cruise. What was truly awful, though, was the muster (or, really, the lack of it) when almost nobody was paying attention, where they continued to serve drinks poolside and had crew not only tolerating it, but encouraging it - no wonder Carnival has so many mishaps at sea and in dockage! They apparently did not care then, and I won't risk them not caring now. This may be a result (unintended or not) of the company's insistence on bigger ships and more party attitude. (and in the aspect of it, Royal Caribbean is certainly not far behind). A shame, also, because they both at one time had nice, smaller ships, pleasant cruises and interesting ports..
  11. https://coffeegare.com/

    Shazim at CoffeeGare: Your go-to for coffee joy, expert brews, and a friendly caffeine haven.

  12. Hello cruise enthusiasts.😍 I wish you an excellent cruise, because they can only be excellent. If you ever feel like taking a cruise in Europe, I've written a blog about Mediterranean cruises, a free and informative guide, so don't hesitate if you feel like it. We look forward to seeing you! The complete guide
  13. "A boat like the TITANIC but better" View full cruise review
  14. Hello fellow cruisers,🤩

    I hope you're all well! I'm the little French girl with a passion for Mediterranean cruising. I've spent thousands of hours gathering information for you. If you're interested in a Mediterranean cruise, I've put together a free guide to help you. I look forward to seeing you soon. Take care of yourself!
    Sarah 😉

  15. Hello everyone, friends passionate about cruising! I am Sarah 🤩 passionate about cruising. If you are planning a cruise in Europe and are looking for information about stopovers in the Mediterranean, I have collected a lot of information on my website. Every month, thousands of readers rely on my site to get free the most accurate and useful information about their stopovers during their cruises. Take a look and make sure you have all the information you need to make the most of your cruise stops. Cruise ports and stops in the mediterranean I had the chance to travel on a cruise for 15 years and it is truly a unique experience and a passion. I have listed a good number of stopovers in Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Crete, Croatia, also in the Caribbean etc... If you want to know more, do not hesitate to visit my free website and make it a lover of the sea. Bon voyage to all and thank you very much I hope that the moderators will give me the opportunity to provide valuable help to all those who seek this information. Thanks for your kindness.🙏 😉
  16. All aboard! Looking forward to this cruise and enjoying a relaxing Thanksgiving at sea!
  17. Hi ho, hi ho.. it's off to cruise we go! Exciting news for all you Disney Cruise fans out there. Disney Cruises is bringing 'the Magic of Disney' to Australia for the ‘2023/2024 Summer cruise season.' Spotted off the coast of Noumea New Calendonia on Wednesday 25th October 2023; the massive Disney Wonder cruise ship will sail into Sydney Harbour for the first time THIS Friday, 27th October 2023 so if you’re around Circular Quay go down there, have a look. Since I now live in Melbourne so I won't be able to live stream it from Circular Quay. So click on this link: -> https://www.facebook.com/cruisingwithhoney for all the LIVE Streaming action from the Sydney Cruise Blogger 'Cruising With Honey,' and watch this space for details about the ships Melbourne arrival in November 2023. Since the launch in 1998, Disney Cruises continues to expand its fleet. There are currently five ships (the Disney Wonder, Disney Wish, Disney Magic, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy) in the fleet, and plans are in place to build two more. The inaugural sailing of this first limited season in Australia & New Zealand departs October 28, from Sydney, and the 2024-2025 itineraries will also include a new seven-night cruise, and select sailings include: 'Hobart Tasmania, Eden NSW, and Noumea New Caledonia. Happy cruising!
  18. Exciting news for ALL Vaccinated and unvaccinated Australian cruise lovers. On Friday 25th August 2023, CLIA announced, "Effective immediately; the COVID mandates for cruising that were put in place when cruising returned in May 2022 have been dropped." You no longer need to 'be triple vaccinated, test positive before boarding, or wear masks on board the ship (unless you want to).' The withdrawal of cruise-specific COVID measures was confirmed by Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly following a decision by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee. As the result, I received an email from Princess Cruises saying, "We are pleased to share that our COVID-19 protocols for your voyage have been amended. As a result, there are no longer any COVID-19 vaccination or pre-cruise testing requirements for guests on this voyage.” Joel Katz (the CLIA Managing Director) said. "The NSW Government had also indicated that its own measures were being withdrawn and that other states were expected to make similar adjustments in line with the announcement. The resurrection of the cruise industry in Australia has been carefully managed since the middle of last year, and thousands of Australians have sailed successfully in local waters. Mr Katz said “The cruise industry’s top priority will continue to be the health and safety of guests, crew and the communities we visit.” Peter Little from P&O Cruises Australia said, "As Australia’s favourite cruise line, we are delighted with this long-awaited news, which will end confusion for our guests and open up options for their summer holiday plans. This brings the Australian cruise industry into line with the rest of world and means families from both Australia and overseas, will now be able to book their cruise holidays with confidence.” Cruise lines will continue to abide by their own robust health and safety measures and hygiene standards, and the industry will work closely with health authorities into the future. Happy Cruising everyone, and enjoy your much needed vitamin Sea!
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