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  1. I will let you know. An online friend was on the Sky in Europe in Nov and she rated the ship only 4 stars out of 5. She did not say why though.
  2. I'm on the Sky Princess on 22 Feb 2020. Anyone been on this ship yet. What were your favorite parts of the voyage?
  3. I'm on the Sky Princess on 22 Feb 2020. Anyone been on this ship yet. What were your favorite parts of the voyage?
  4. Happy Birthday BSCorvette!

  5. I just looked up the stateroom size of the Epic and the site said they were 235 square feet which would make them larger unless that couple we talked to had an inside stateroom which is a LOT smaller. They complained the beds were real short so ask if you are going to book the Epic.
  6. You're quite welcome. I must also add that the ships colors were toned down a lot for this ship. Most Carnival ships are quite garish...this ship was beautiful inside and out. We met a couple who had made the trans-Atlantic crossing on the Epic and they were very happy with the staterooms on the Magic compared to the Epic. They stated if you were over 5'7" you would be hanging over the end of the bed in your stateroom. The staterooms were quite small on the Epic compared to the Magic and the food was not as good on the Epic. The only experience that was better was the entertainment at night.
  7. Ryan should win hands down... he seems to be real. Why she got sooooooo upset last night over a guy she had been warned about leads me to believe she's a bit of an emotional basket case. Looks GREAT though! I think he was a plant by the producers.
  8. Thanks you guys! I just picked up an inexpensive set to use on the cruise....we leave Thursday and sail on Sunday on the Magic! Have fun and thanks again.
  9. We are leaving for Barcelona on Thursday and will board the Magic and will leave a review here after we get back June 3rd. It's a 12 day cruise and we are packing already for the trip!
  10. Anyone ever take a CB radio to contact other members on their cruise??? Worth the time and luggage space to take them? Thanks.
  11. Thank you....you guys are the greatest!
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